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SANDF to guard four Eskom power plants under threat of sabotage and vandalism

Presidency spokesperson Vincent Magwenya confirmed to Daily Maverick that President Cyril Ramaphosa had authorised the deployment of South African Defence Force troops ‘in response to the growing threat of sabotage, theft, vandalism and corruption at Eskom power stations’. Following requests by President Cyril Ramaphosa and Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin…
18 Dec 2022 1PM 3 min

Canadian company exploring for oil in Namibia in credibility battle

ReconAfrica, a start-up oil exploration company with interests in Namibia and Botswana, is fighting for survival as its auditors resign, a cash crunch looms and a New York court battle with disgruntled investors comes to a head. Descending upon Namibia’s environmentally sensitive Kavango East region in 2015 was the easy…
15 Dec 2022 2PM 18 min

Water scarcity in Western Cape towns persists despite recent heavy rains

Despite recent heavy rains, which caused flooding in parts of the Western Cape, some towns in the province are still at risk of running out of water. The head of the Western Cape Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), Ntombizanele Bila-Mupariwa, on Thursday said dam levels within the Western Cape…
15 Dec 2022 1PM 6 min

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter resigns

Andre de Ruyter, Eskom CEO, has handed in his resignation letter to the board of the power utility. The news follows a particularly bad bout of load shedding and escalating attacks from Minerals and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe, among others. Eskom Group Chief Executive, Andre de Ruyter has called it…
14 Dec 2022 9AM 3 min

Drawing the line – Using art to combat SA’s pollution crisis

As levels of plastic pollution continue to threaten the health of ecosystems and people alike, can art bring about more sustainable practices and alleviate the growing crisis? South Africa’s plastic waste crisis is becoming increasingly evident and research suggests that without intervention, current plastic pollution levels could double by 2040…
13 Dec 2022 11AM 4 min

New warehouse springs up next to poison-soaked UPL explosion site

A massive warehouse is rising next to the fire-gutted UPL pesticides storehouse in Durban, raising concerns over worker safety and groundwater pollution — and whether the new tenants will be happy to occupy land still soaked with hazardous chemicals. The Fortress property group is developing a new commercial warehouse directly…
12 Dec 2022 2PM 10 min

Dark, Dumb and Dangerous: Inside South Africa’s perfect (electrical) storm

The only thing that is certain about South Africa’s current situation is that we will have rolling blackouts for the next two years — at least. A top energy expert helps us understand the roots of the deepening crisis at a time when politicians are focused on political survival and…
11 Dec 2022 5PM 20 min

The Elephant Conspiracy – Fiction drawn from hair-raising environmental horrors

Lord Peter Hain’s The Elephant Conspiracy may be fiction but many of its scenes mimic real-life poaching realities and monstrous criminal acts. Chilling, horrifying, shocking and based on the realities of wildlife poaching. The Elephant Conspiracy brings an element of truth to fiction, and lays out the connection between corruption,…
9 Dec 2022 10AM 4 min

Winner: Youth for climate action; Runners-up: Bob Scholes & Joe Biden

The young ecowarriors challenged Global North leaders to take responsibility for what they have done to their homelands. Extreme weather events in the form of floods, droughts and impacts such as locust plagues and famine have been some of the ways in which the environment has been crying out for…
9 Dec 2022 5AM 8 min

Winner: Gwede Mantashe; Runners-up: UPL & Shell

Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe’s views on coal and gas are filthy. The winner of SA Polluter of the Year is Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe, according to votes by Our Burning Planet readers. Responsible for a portfolio that already oversees some of the most…
9 Dec 2022 5AM 9 min

Telling biodiversity’s story – 1,001 magnificent species of the seaforest

While the UN Biodiversity Conference, COP15, kicks off this week to negotiate fresh plans, strategies and targets to tackle biodiversity loss, a new initiative from the Sea Change Project seeks to make biodiversity tangible, and remind us of our innate connections with nature. In the emerald gloom of an underwater…
8 Dec 2022 3PM 8 min
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