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Podcast · Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
At Ferring, people come first. Ferring Pharmaceuticals South Africa is a speciality, research-driven biopharmaceutical company that identifies, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products in the fields of reproductive health, urology, gastroenterology and endocrinology.
18 Dec 2022 11 episodes English Health & Fitness


Podcast · GROOTfm 90.5
'n 3 - 5 minute vroeë oggend-oordenking wat jou geestelik inspireer deur verskeie medewerkers
17 Nov 2021 2AM 491 episodes English Health & Fitness


Podcast · Touch HD
The parenting journey is not one that any person can explain, it has to be experienced - the highs and lows; joyful moments and the times when you don't quite know what you're doing (no there is no manual, you will be winging it!) but you keep trying your best…
23 Sep 2019 7 episodes English Kids & Family · Health & Fitness

32Gi Endurance Addict

Podcast · 32Gi
At 32Gi we understand what goes into being an "Endurance Addict". We know that the first step of every endurance goal takes courage, and often massive effort. We know that to excel it requires a goal, discipline, dedication and consistency. Whether you are an avid King Of the Mountain Cyclist,…
13 Jun 2019 110 episodes English Health & Fitness · Sports

32Gi Product Podcasts

Podcast · 32Gi
32Gi is a leading provider of Sports Nutrition. This podcast channel discusses the various 32Gi products in detail giving the listener in depth information on 32Gi and its product range.
17 Jul 2020 13 episodes English Sports · Health & Fitness

A Girl Finishing School – Literacy

Series · Deutsche Welle - Learning By Ear
You shouldn’t be ashamed if you can’t read and write, but it definitely hinders your personal development. That’s what the siblings Latifa and Elinam find out in our new Learning by Ear series.
19 Mar 2012 10 episodes English Health & Fitness

A la croisée des chemins Saison 1 - Tous les épisodes

Series · Deutsche Welle - Learning By Ear
Marie, Dani, Niko et Téa sont les jeunes héros du feuilleton Learning by Ear « A la croisée des chemins ». Tout au long de cette première saison, ils doivent faire des choix difficiles – certains vont changer leurs vies. Marie a réussi ! Elle a obtenu une bourse pour…
9 Dec 2014 26 episodes French Health & Fitness

A la croisée des chemins Saison 2 - Face aux conséquences

Series · Deutsche Welle - Learning By Ear
Dans la seconde saison de notre feuilleton « A la croisée des chemins », les jeunes protagonistes sont confrontés aux conséquences de leurs actes et à des situations difficiles. Dans le pays de Dani, le Laboria, une guerre civile a éclaté et sa famille semble en pâtir. Pour l’instant, le…
9 Dec 2014 26 episodes French Health & Fitness

A worldwide day of urban inspiration

Event · TEDxCapeTown City2.0
For us, TEDxCapeTown City2.0 means a new way of working and delivering services -- simply rebranding is not sufficient. It is not about selling more redundant technology to reinforce the failed paradigms of 200 years of industrialisation, but rather to push through, above and beyond the status quo.
13 Oct 2012 4AM 13 episodes English Health & Fitness

ASICS Movement for Mind

Podcast · ASICS EMEA
Welcome to ASICS Movement for Mind, an eight-week programme that’s been scientifically proven to improve mental wellbeing, lower anxiety and boost mood. Each 30-minute session incorporates running or walking along with other simple techniques to help you feel better, including breathwork, mindfulness, being in nature and meditation. ASICS Movement for…
21 Oct 2021 32 episodes English Health & Fitness

Actuarial Convention 2015: “The future belongs to the curious”

Event · Actuarial Society of South Africa
17 - 18 November 2015 , Sandton Convention Centre , Johannesburg, the Society’s 42nd Convention. Albert Einstein famously said that he has no special talents, he is only passionately curious. What are you passionate or curious about? The Actuarial Society’s 2015 Convention is fresh and different in a couple of…
17 Nov 2015 2AM 27 episodes English Business · Health & Fitness

Africa's Environment - A Lost Paradise Under Threat

Series · Deutsche Welle - Learning By Ear
Africa contributes the least to global greenhouse emissions, but it's the hardest hit by climate change. And an ever growing population is depleting the continent of its natural resources.
17 Nov 2009 10 episodes English Health & Fitness

African History - Once Upon a Time

Series · Deutsche Welle - Learning By Ear
Africa is the cradle of mankind. It was home to powerful kingdoms and lost many thousand of citizens to the slave trade. Come on a journey with us through its colorful history.
15 Mar 2012 10 episodes English Health & Fitness

Africa’s physically challenged people

Series · Deutsche Welle - Learning By Ear
People with disabilities often face discrimination in everyday life. They are excluded and rejected because of their physical or mental challenges. Get to know one of them and see the world through his eyes.
19 Mar 2012 10 episodes English Health & Fitness

Against the current – Urban Exodus

Series · Deutsche Welle - Learning By Ear
As the country-city-flight empties rural areas in Africa, big city slums are growing to the bursting point. The protagonists in our radio drama bust the trend and decide to move back to their village.
19 Mar 2012 10 episodes English Health & Fitness


Podcast · German to go - Learn German with DW
News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe
26 Jul 2022 606 episodes English Health & Fitness


Series · German to go - Learn German with DW
With our English-German Audio Tutor in 100 lessons you can effectively learn basic vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. The lessons are based on the A1 and A2 level of the Common European Framework Reference and cover diverse vocabulary. The Audiotrainer is a joint cooperation between Deutsche Welle and the Goethe…
22 Jun 2010 100 episodes English Health & Fitness

BBC Learning English Drama

Podcast · BBC
Dramas for English language learners. Every Friday you can improve your English by listening to a drama specially created for English language learners. Listen to retellings of classic stories and bespoke dramas on specific topics. Each episode will be between six and 10 minutes long. Most dramas will be told…
13 Jan 3 episodes English Health & Fitness


Podcast · HOT 102.7FM
'Beautiful Makeup' with Sam Cowen is a series of inspiring stories told by women who have all faced and overcome adversity to emerge stronger and braver than ever before. Listen and be inspired this Women’s Month.
26 Aug 2019 7 episodes English Spirituality · Health & Fitness


Podcast · Cape Pulpit 729AM
Please join me Alana Olivier with "BodyMatters" on Saturday at 5pm on RCP as I chat to leaders and founders of various ministries about the body of Christ. From community projects, NPO’s to ministry across the broader spectrum – You name it, I feature it on Body Matters – where…
7 Jan 97 episodes English Health & Fitness · Christianity
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