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27 Sep 2022 6AM English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

Audio transcript

00:02 does the law of love love love love whatever you call it love is a long and it has a low wanted to look at the analogy of the
00:20 parable of the bride and bridegroom because that is how I don't put us about love and will not really brother but let's go there and look at something they are
00:42 things that really brings joy day-in-and-day-out 1st John 4:19 says we love him because he first loved us he has democracy is demonstrated he has demonstrated his love
01:01 for us Craven said revelations 19 verse 7 says let us be glad and rejoice and give him the glory for The Marriage of the lamp has come and his
01:21 wife has made herself ready who is the wife of the large you see the the kingdom business and the and the and the gospel is
01:40 a Love Story that has never been told and if ever is ever told it's not told her well enough if I can put it that way it is a Love Story our fellowship bredrin it's a Love Story man
02:04 it's a Love Story that says that if you can let's go to the book of songs of Solomon I want fellowship in Love Story love story
02:23 ok song of Solomon the love relationship between the bride and the Groom must be
02:44 centred around love and super is a Love Story is a Love Story where expecting him we rehearsing his
03:00 coming you'll be take can ruptured it's a Love Story with us will tell you I tell beautiful love story if there's any Grace God has given me is the grace of love a man
03:25 let's go to what-you-call-it song song of Solomon 1:2 the moon
03:42 cover song of Solomon 1:2 on the amplified version of the Bible ministry for your love is
04:00 better luya this love is better than wine is better than the gifts of wine is better than them if you can't buy love any price you may be willing to pay
04:20 a man and our fellowship bredrin must be centred around love our fellowship is a Fellowship
04:40 of love that little kiss me right with the kisses of his mouth in love with the most rated before you come with your games before you bring the wine you bring the bread you bring the the oil I want your love that
05:01 is why UCLA him speaking to a Loveless church Loveless church that charges that I love less let me tell you what it was before you even go ahead of me let's see what the dad Loveless church looks like because I'm already
05:20 thinking Loveless church they don't care about anyone you got to understand what he means by love let me tell you is action-based man many Brides
05:41 many Brides Mary out of Convenience to have their needs met and so on we never married with no ever needs met don't when you go to the glorified marriage seminar will be told you must know the
06:00 man needs no the woman's needs did we really come together for the dipstick on a bizarre call my mum fail because
06:27 people come with a long list of 25 MB going to meet
06:40 your 25 your long list of me so I'm going to meet it Emily come into relationships of Convenience they never really know him the heart of any managers love in the
07:00 heart of any relationship is a love love me first we can talk about I don't know who I believe is one of the songs in the world and the kids will know it cuz I know she knows all this
07:20 one it says love me in a special way right now they love me now don't love me in a special way to understand that I'm loud I'm crazy you know I
07:40 can be a lot of time into something of your you know of your imagination no control picking
08:03 up Kira co-leader bana the in a marriage because they come to spanner somebody into the imaginary of the man of the imagination of woman make on a bucket of the internet stop
08:26 that because you seem to be uncomfortable with it you can't come get the hammer man I want to
08:40 help somebody by the grace of God you can have fun and have a love relationship then throw away the whole from a spanner what else are they tell me throw them away
09:02 daemon tool you find men and women listening to how to be a perfect wife 12 ways
09:21 of how to be a perfect wife 12 ways of a perfect mate have you seen that have you seen it take for an imperfect people amen amen amen amen amen amen
09:51 you talking about a Love Story and then after drawing
10:04 of a woman will be and you're looking for a perfect wife excuse me to find that payment button to
10:27 let all of you love the
10:40 one you're being right now we are in love why did you become so in love the one you have married into the love story of Christ let me talk about something
11:00 when whenever ocean ship is in trouble or when does a lizard is an issue the marriage don't wait for the other party to to come to the party and do something about what is going wrong people will tell you most of the time you hear things
11:21 like it takes two to build know it doesn't let me clarify it wasn't in this relationship will be better know it doesn't take two then Takes Two To Tango that is
11:40 the world do not want to die for the scene of the things of the world one man is the name Jimmy and write this down in the tablets of your heart if she's on
12:00 fire if the House of your relay YouTube is burning are you going to wait for your partner to to stop the fire to quench the fire or to kill the phone to watch your furniture with the band your clothes with the band everything inside the
12:20 house will be bent it will take you more to build that it would have to kill the fireman hello in every
12:43 man you have missed the point entirely entirely if you're home and if I get a fire extinguisher extinguish the
13:00 fire don't wait for him to go to somebody killed along with the house in the house I don't wait
13:23 for your partner may never be ready to talk about things you don't need to wait for that to your part give them the name love
13:41 wins over love Is Greater so I'm waiting for him is not done and I'm not going to it doesn't work like that I'm using the scenario of a house on fire kill the
14:00 fire even you can't stand and so I'm waiting for help hello you could be doing something that will make him the time people wait until the fire started the whole house then there's no marriage left the labour
14:27 the labour you labour for your spouse you can be the only one playing the family are not special you're just doing your man is in love your dream and I
14:43 can assure you may not always be like that what you are married a man to be a bright is fully the hair in you and to express love is there once you're married that ability comes with
15:03 that certificate of marriage or the announcement the present and the pronouncement when does I now pronounce you as husband and wife income the great cars that means all of us can be a man and no I
15:20 don't love Shoulda brought in a hot day do you understand that love may not be received do you stop loving me because you're
15:41 not going to control me how I should love you I love you baby just got nothing to do with my love I love you now
16:02 if this is not evident and is not in
16:20 every marriage it will damage the marriage relationship it damages the the Love Story it must never be broke him and the Love Story don't break the course of love is it
16:41 takes you to keep joy and happiness in your house you know the entire it the entire Bible is a story of
17:00 love He-Man we are under the law of love let's go to Matthew 22 verse 36 maybe 2:40 or thereabout am I having somebody Matthew 22:36
17:32 24010 flies Google Music the
17:40 top banker or you can stop being in love that nobody can separate you I'm telling you a man Google
18:02 a 22 in bendalong I believe Shana
18:29 is taking the test attention assist thank you
18:42 sister took one of them and expected in the Lord tested him with this question which is the greatest commandment in the law 37 Clyde Love The
19:01 Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind is 38 and the greatest commandment 39 and the second is like love your neighbour as you love
19:20 yourself this photo all the law and the prophets hung on these two commandments a name hallelujah do you say that because of love whether we like it or not and the profit on
19:41 it if so what story we love we got to demonstrated with got to do it we don't have a choice is not by Paul says even if I speak in tongues of men and angels and have not love I'm
20:00 nothing no I mean no I I I think the pain due to good to the needy as I give my body to the band you know for whatever reason but have known it mean nothing if you explain that you can do
20:20 everything and still getting nothing out of it now and God elohim talks about a Loveless church church church can be Loveless relationship can be
20:40 Loveless it's got nothing to do with how the people behave themselves I've heard of many men were saved by their wives of head of many wives who is saved by their husbands the
21:03 Barbies that you can win your husband when your partner without discussion the thing is we pay money but it's not everything needs the sooner you learnt is it the better and I've said it before that shut up
21:20 shut up the sooner we catch that the better that you can win I don't even want to go there I mean we could go but you can win your husband without a good winning without the discussion is a lot of that wins l0ve revelations
21:43 2 going to read from West 125 I said somebody maybe thinking what is this and Loveless church you think is that church that doesn't care about anyone know interpretation from the read the Bible it's not
22:00 commentary I've told you stay away from commentary commentaries are people's opinion reads the read his Love is better than wine I love is better than wine wine wine wine
22:20 perfume revelations 2 we will read from verse 1 to 5 the Book of Revelations the championship to
22:45 the end of the world which are the angels and the one I
23:00 know your day tell your boy and your friendship and then you can go and pick it up because you
23:31 enjoying a lot of
23:54 lovebird is tested for me yes please
24:01 continue past is agreed until this 50 remember my family in your own way of thinking and do the
24:21 work you did at first when you first meet otherwise I will beat you explain unless you're up and I want you I want you to understand this is
24:40 crazy I mean listen to La barbecue language I want you to understand the church in Ephesus beautiful church this church
25:02 had good works that good works good Labour and they sacrificed for the Lord that made sacrifices for the Lord to the lord with things say
25:20 he who holds the Seven Stars in his right hand who works in the midst of the seven gold the seven golden lampstand I know your works just like I'm aware of your part-time aware of the things you do blood written brothers and sisters we
25:40 talking about the Loveless church let's break it down I know your works your labour your patience I mean these are worth their works there did the did the things they
26:00 did and they did well brothers and sisters they get them well I know your works I know your labour I know you're patient and that you cannot wear those were even I know I know I know you don't have said yourself with don't worry we'll you stay away
26:20 from all the kinds of you stay away from all kinds of what you call God slammed it continues and it says you have tasted those who say they are
26:40 porcelain there more found them to be Liars when you have persevered and have patience with all these things are good and have labour top is like you are not labelling for yourself you have laboured for my namesake and have not become weary you have not become tired
27:00 you have done well do we all sit in that like he's praising the work done good with you have good way to sacrifice for the Lord to the lord you do all these things you give and brothers and sisters are you following this is like I know you're patient client I mean
27:20 you can call the number to let you know good people nevertheless never that means I have this against you that you have left your first
27:40 love you do all these things but you are a Loveless church it seems hard to believe that they could be accused of being Loveless
28:01 with all their you can be excited so it's true but been Loveless at the same time then indictment you Excel in all these things are kind
28:22 of good way to the good character your sacrifice you give s tigers to the lord and for the Lord but you are lovely does nolo
28:43 Loveless with all your good works with all your sacrifices you are lovely you see the problem with the church in Ephesus they made with a priority
29:02 above their love relationship the madwoman a priority the major achievements a priority they make results a priority but amen amen
29:29 sports authority they made it to be all about testimonies even if I don't I'll still love him
29:40 you may know healing I love him I love him and still do and this program
30:18 is an alarm sound
30:21 on the church is the temperature blowing on the church today go up because you're looking at and looking for what he can do for you and I'm
30:40 looking for what you can do for you you're looking for what can be done it is a warning to God's people in this time we're looking for a place where flowing flowing discharge
31:12 broke the law of love they broke the law of love and
31:21 they were accused of us in that will result in the chest like being taken off bencotto look what it says it says remember that from when she have fallen repent and do the first works towards work it alone or
31:40 I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from his place in the law of love when people put miracles that head of love I'm not
32:01 receiving anything a man the
32:44 the
32:44 trumpet has just gone off in this regard they made with the priority they made it to be about miracles the made
33:07 it to be about testimonies they made it to be about what God has done for them or what God is doing for them even if it does nothing for me I still love you though please
33:29 me yet will I hope in him he said God made
33:40 him don't leave me I still trust him looking was gossip look at what Gina says let's go to Luke 10:41 this 41
34:00 I believe you need to understand that you can't be Loveless the church in Ephesus have become Loveless it was all about what God is doing for them what God is doing it doesn't matter even if it doesn't do anything in our church we
34:22 still need to love him I think it's
34:41 talking to me influential Ministries Ministries megachurches lose their impact because there's no love the put on the shelves and miracles have
35:00 taken centre Stage provinces have taken centre Stage just one is a pelican centre Stage numbers of Taken centre Stage they will
35:37 not be found guilty of lovely
35:43 it may not be found guilty of having no love looked NS
36:01 read Luke 10 verse 41 look like today you are worried and anxious
36:20 about so many things do you know if you could order do you know that this is exactly what effect the status of meningitis remember
36:45 that my
37:17 timer 4 you worried about too many things that
37:21 how many are in church because they don't even think that nobody sees don't tell who is who is frustrated would not they know who's complaining they know who's not happy with and help you with angles of
37:40 when did they know everything worried about two men Things Have Become what lovely man left them not going to tell Mary to come and assist me are you not sure how I missed it
38:05 when it does become about works miracles become about all these things that are necessary out here thinking about how you can please me with food with give all these
38:20 things I'm not looking for that it's your love I want mother it's your first love your first works and then is about the tiling is Milan mathur Luke
38:44 10:41 reply to me you are more worried about anything but only one
39:00 cigarette and anxious to look at the money because only you are
39:20 the most special person love love love love love love love I mean talk about tomatoes hello hello what is
39:43 sing brother and sister I said it before forget about commentary forget about people's opinion that go to them and find out how what is the case before us a map of Isaac reply
40:19 to Martha Martha
40:22 you are worried and anxious about anything but craziest roller coaster is a good
40:43 path that you can choose that will never be taken away from you someone can be coming to church and then hoping to see the past and then don't see the person then they're angry cuz all they're worried about an anxious about and thinking about throughout the
41:01 service was seeing the posterior worried about these things that are not need need them to be a priority that they Loveless church not by any definition of commentaries and opinions of people have just
41:20 showed you what it described love life Church is that church that this busy with work about the Miracles by doing now not about that someone can even be angry that ok nothing was paid today
41:43 god works every other thing were doing was it not service to the Lorde Loveless church says repent now sounding the alarm with Pandora and play fast
42:01 love we give the sale of what is accepted or not we give the sale of weather is welcome to not let love lead the greatest holy men and profit of this generation that ever walked this planet that let
42:22 love lead not miracle not number not afternoon is better for you as long as you're coming to church are looking for what God can do for you today you have missed the point you have missed him you have missed the does the greater sense of life creatures Motorola
42:44 mobile all right man made you
43:07 become love personified a man become love as soon if I'd been married
43:21 from you from you whenever you go lord keep you the Lord the Lord shine upon you the Lord build I
43:43 know when I'm in front of
44:08 you for the work I had the minimum of love
44:20 God doesn't want nothing to do with needs that I met or not met because
44:50 what makes it a winning season for us that's what they're saying amen the big deal church that
45:01 is the big deal in man

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