Tax returns show Trump paid nothing in 2020

While the former US president Donald Trump did pay $1m in taxes in 2018, he didn't pay anything in his last year in the White House. Also: England to require negative Covid test for arrivals from China, and Abba's Chiquitita song raises millions of dollars for UNICEF.
30 Dec 2022 7PM English United Kingdom News

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EU strikes deal with suspect in corruption scandal

Former Italian politician Pier Panzeri promises to tell investigators who else was involved. Also: aid agencies partially resume work in Afghanistan, the funeral of an LGBTQ activist in Kenya, and a BBC documentary brings fresh insight into the 2002 Gujarat riots.
17 Jan 6PM 31 min

China's population falls.

China's population falls for the first time in 60 years. Also Belarussian opposition leader on trial and counting walruses.
17 Jan 9AM 33 min

Italy's Mafia boss arrest hailed as 'major blow' to crime

Celebrations have continued across Sicily at the news of the capture of Matteo Messina Denaro. Also: Could Nasa technology help reduce the risks of older people falling over? And the Australian woman who's just run the entire length of her country - a marathon every day for a hundred and…
16 Jan 7PM 30 min

Italy's most-wanted mafia boss arrested in Sicily

Matteo Messina Denaro is captured after 30 years on the run. More than 100 members of the armed forces were involved in his arrest. Also: a British Police officer admits to multiple rapes and sexual assaults over the course of almost two decades, and conservation organisations are seeking volunteers to…
16 Jan 10AM 32 min

Nepal mourns its worst air disaster in thirty years

The Yeti Airlines flight came down near the town of Pokhara on Sunday morning. Also: a bomb attack on worshippers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushes ahead with controversial reforms, and Jordan’s plans to increase tourism.
15 Jan 6PM 32 min