Writer: Sarah Hehir
Director: Pip Swallow
Editor: Jeremy HoweBen Archer… Ben Norris
Jolene Archer…. Buffy Davis
Pat Archer…. Patricia Gallimore
Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright
Lilian Bellamy… Sunny Ormonde
Vince Casey…. Tony Turner
George Grundy…. Angus Stobie
Jakob Hakansson…. Paul Venables
Chelsea Horrobin…. Madeleine Leslay
Tracy Horrobin…. Susie Riddell
Freddie Pargetter…. Toby Laurence
Fallon Rogers…. Joanna Van Kampen
Lynda Snell… Carole Boyd
Robert Snell…. Michael Bertenshaw
Oliver Sterling…. Michael Cochrane
Jason Burntwood…. Ian Conningham
31 May 1PM English United Kingdom Arts

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