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Few alive can claim as much influence over the shape of the modern world as Henry Kissinger. The former US Secretary of State and Nobel Peace laureate is loved, loathed and listened to - for the decisions he took, the attitude he espoused and for his knowledge and analysis of…
30 Nov 2023 9AM 50 min

Assignment: Poland's forest frontier

Assignment reports from Poland’s eastern frontier, where the Polish government has built a steel border wall - 186 kilometres long and five metres high, it’s meant to stop global migrants from Asia and Africa trying to cross from the Belarusian side. But the wall cuts straight through the Białowieza forest…
29 Nov 2023 9PM 27 min

Gaza diaries

English teacher Farida and Khalid, a medical supplier, document through intimate voice messages their struggle to survive the war in Gaza. They tell a story of immense loss and resilience in a worsening humanitarian crisis.
29 Nov 2023 6AM 28 min

Sweden: Living With Guns and Gangs

Sweden has become a European hotspot for deadly shootings, rocking its reputation as a safe and peaceful nation. Last year, a record 62 people were killed in gun violence in the Nordic nation, which has a population of just ten million. There has been a fresh wave of shootings and…
28 Nov 2023 5AM 27 min

In the Studio: Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle, the visionary behind the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony and the Oscar-winning director of films like Slumdog Millionaire, Yesterday and Trainspotting, returns to his home town of Manchester, England, to direct a hip-hop dance spectacular to open a breath-taking new venue, Aviva Studios. The show, called Free Your…
26 Nov 2023 8PM 27 min

The Cultural Frontline:K-Drama: A global force on screen

Korean drama, or K-drama, is enjoying phenomenal worldwide success. Thanks to video-on-demand streaming - and given a boost by the pandemic - South Korea is now one of the largest content providers in the world. In this edition of The Cultural Frontline actress Min-ha Kim, who stars as Sunja in…
25 Nov 2023 8PM 30 min

BBC OS Conversations: Hostages, prisoners and peace

After seven weeks of war between Hamas and Israel, there was a deal for a pause in the fighting. On Friday morning the rockets and gunfire fell silent in Gaza. The agreement also included the release of Palestinians in Israeli prisons and Israeli hostages held in Gaza; plus more aid…
24 Nov 2023 8PM 27 min

The Trial of Oscar Pistorius

In 2014 Audrey Brown told the dramatic story of the trial of the athlete Oscar Pistorius After becoming a Paralympics champion, Oscar Pistorius rose to fame as the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics. He became a hero to millions – until the fateful night when he shot…
24 Nov 2023 9AM 50 min

Heart and Soul: Wolves in sheep's clothing

When Kenyan-born nurse Margaret Ruto chanced upon an internet story about an American Christian missionary accused of sexually abusing children in a Kenyan orphanage, she knew she had to act. The orphanage in question was close to where Margaret had grown up. The man accused of the abuse lived ten…
23 Nov 2023 8PM 29 min

Florida's political refugees

Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are escaping states they no longer feel comfortable in - they’re calling themselves ‘political refugees.’ And the sunshine state of Florida is at the heart of this political sorting. How can one US state be both a safe haven for Americans fleeing…
22 Nov 2023 9PM 30 min

We the people are Barbados

In September 2020, Barbados announced its decision to become a republic, removing the British monarchy as head of state. November 30th, 2021 marked not only the 57th anniversary of the nation’s independence but a new beginning as a republic. Award-winning author Candice Brathwaite, explores Barbados’ transition to a republic two…
20 Nov 2023 8PM 31 min

In The Studio: Damon Galgut - Adapting The Promise for the stage

Damon Galgut’s 2021 Booker Prize-winning novel, The Promise, chronicles the slow decline of a white family on a farm outside Pretoria, South Africa, and the ripple effects of a deathbed promise – made but not kept – to give the family’s Black housekeeper ownership of the small house in which…
19 Nov 2023 8PM 27 min

The Debate: Israel Gaza - What happens when the war ends?

The BBC’s Mishal Husain is joined by a panel of guests to discuss what happens when the Israel Gaza war ends. On the panel are Jeremy Bowen, BBC International Editor; Daniel Levy, director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations; Lord Ricketts,…
18 Nov 2023 8PM 40 min

BBC OS Conversations

The war in the Middle East between Hamas and Israel continues to cost many lives. It is also increasing tensions and anger around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken part in protest marches; there are reports of a rise in Islamophobia and antisemitism in some countries; and…
17 Nov 2023 8PM 24 min

Heart and Soul: Israel – Gaza: Can interfaith work prevail?

The recent violence between Israel and Hamas threatens the survival of the hundreds of small-scale projects which aim to bring Jews and Palestinians together to work for peace, or at least share understanding. Now the flare up in violence threatens their future. To discuss the way forward and question the…
16 Nov 2023 8PM 27 min

The mighty Mekong’s last hope

A journey though Cambodia where the Mekong river is feared to be in crisis. Tens of millions of lives depend on the Mekong river for fishing and farming as it travels through China and Southeast Asia. But there are increasing signs that this river with one of the richest ecosystems…
15 Nov 2023 9PM 30 min

Tanni's Lifetime Road to Disabled Equality

Multi gold medal winning Paralympic wheelchair athlete Tanni Grey-Thompson examines 50 years of changing attitudes to disability around the world. When Tanni was a child in the 1970s in Wales becoming an athlete with spina bifida was far from guaranteed. There was no support for her parents bringing up a…
14 Nov 2023 8PM 50 min

A Man Without Bees

Why are all the bees dying? Simon Mitambo, an expert from Kenya's so-called 'Land of Bees', travels from his own affected community to huge industrial farms in search of answers. It is a journey both planetary and personal: without bees, can Simon's world survive? A Smoke Trail Production.
13 Nov 2023 8PM 29 min

In The Studio: Jenn Lee: Taiwan fashion designer

Taipei based fashion designer Jenn Lee is preparing her Spring Summer 2024 collection for London and Taipei Fashion Weeks. Inspired by the recycled materials she finds in local markets, by British designer Vivienne Westwood and the Punk movement, as well as the joy of her young son, the collection celebrates…
12 Nov 2023 8PM 29 min

BBC OS Conversations: Israeli losses

Since the Hamas attacks on Israel on 7 October, thousands of lives have been lost in the war. While rolling news and live updates give us minute by minute coverage, we want to take the opportunity to pause, reflect and hear stories from the families of a few of those…
10 Nov 2023 8PM 26 min
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