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The Archers

Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world's longest running soap opera. Follow the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge. Original programmes broadcast 1900 hrs Sunday - Friday. Episodes added daily (except Saturdays).
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24 Episodes
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Fallon faces teething problems, and Helen seeks a new focus.
30 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Natasha puts her foot down, and Ian believes in seizing the day.
29 Nov 2023 1PM 13 min


Tom seeks validation, and Lynda makes a surprising offer.
28 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Last-minute replacement Jakob turns up to play the organ at Ted Barrett’s funeral, a former resident of The Laurels. Alan tells him Ted’s family requested an upbeat service with a funny eulogy, before Alan gently relieves Jakob of his duties helping organise this year’s Christmas Show. Sykesy arrives for the…
27 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Justin hatches a plot, and Alice sees potential.
26 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Tom apologises to Helen for passing on the news about Rob dying, and how people kept talking to her about it at Brian’s party. Helen insists it doesn’t matter. They talk about the effect it’s had on Henry and Jack. Helen is more concerned about Jack, particularly with Lee having…
24 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Oliver is confident that selling the land at Grange Farm will give them enough money to finish the bedrooms at Grey Gables. Adil thinks getting the kitchen right first is more important and reckons he has the perfect solution: buying the kitchen from ‘La Femme du Monde’ restaurant, which has…
23 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Jim reveals a painful secret, and Ed has a proposition.
22 Nov 2023 1PM 13 min


There’s a surprise visitor at Bridge Farm, and Denise tries to get to the bottom of things.
21 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


It’s Brian’s eightieth birthday and he’s been thrown out of Blossom Hill while Adam, Ian, Kate, Jakob and Alice prepare a party for him. Despite Adam’s reservations about pushing Brian into having a party Tom thinks Brian will love it. Tom then passes on the news about Rob’s death and…
20 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


The Archer family are in shock following the events of last week, and Azra looks to the future.
19 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


WRITER: Naylah Ahmed DIRECTOR: Kim Greengrass Ben Archer …. Ben Norris Helen Archer …. Louiza Patikas Pat Archer …. Pat Gallimore Lilian Bellamy …. Sunny Ormonde Alice Carter …. Hollie Chapman Harry Chilcott …. Jack Ashton Alan Franks …. John Telfer Usha Franks …. Souad Farass Shiv Gupta …. Pushpinder…
17 Nov 2023 1PM 13 min


One resident makes a shocking request, and Lilian offers some advice.
16 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Alice takes a big step, and Jakob has his arm twisted.
15 Nov 2023 1PM 13 min


Events spiral out of control for Helen, and there’s a surprising confrontation for Alice.
14 Nov 2023 1PM 13 min


Joy comes to the rescue, and Lilian faces the wrath of a dissatisfied customer.
13 Nov 2023 2PM 14 min


Alan finally sees the light, and Kate is not impressed.
12 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Writer, Avin Shah Director, Peter Leslie Wild Editor, Jeremy Howe Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Henry Archer ….. Blayke Darby Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee Alan Franks ….. John Telfer Usha Franks ….. Souad Faress Ed Grundy ….. Barry Farrimond Eddie Grundy ….. Trevor Harrison Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O‘Hanrahan…
10 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


It’s all change at Berrow, and George hatches a plan.
9 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min


Emma seeks reassurance, and there’s a difficult balancing act for Helen.
8 Nov 2023 2PM 13 min
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