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Adele drops the hammer on hateful comments at her concerts

Adele is fed up and shares that hateful comments will not be tolerated at her concerts. In addition to this, Ben Affleck's ex wife, Jennifer Garner, is rooting for Jennifer Lopez and Ben to stay together in light of his past struggles with substance abuse.
3 Jun 12AM 1 min

What to expect from the Comrades Marathon 2024

With 6000 volunteers, half a million roadside spectators, 1.5 million television viewers, it’s a major numbers game for the Comrades Marathon 2024. Let's take a dive to what we can expect from world’s biggest and oldest ultramarathon. Marketing Manager at the Comrades Marathon, Delaine Cools, shares the scoop:
31 May 2AM 3 min

This "Biggie" quick quiz had us in tears!

Sometimes his words just hypnotise us... Biggie Sithole gave Darren Maule's Quick Quiz his best shot. Wait for it....we promise this one will have you in stitches.
31 May 1AM 3 min

Prof Kealeboga Maphunye, professor of African Politics, talks elections

Prof Kealeboga Maphunye, professor of African Politics, joins the East Coast Breakfast team to discuss what went down in the elections yesterday. South Africa's elections have always been a symbol of our democracy, and yesterday saw our most important election since 1994. For many, making our mark is not only…
30 May 2AM 6 min

Judge was left speechless in online courtroom disrespect

What The Heck with Carmen Reddy. A Michigan judge was left speechless after a suspended driver video called into his courtroom! Also, Alexander "AE" Edwards is reassuring everyone that things are all good with Travis Scott after their wild fight at a Cannes Film Festival after-party last week.
30 May 12AM 1 min

First time voter experience in KZN

East Coast Breakfast bring you the latest on the elections. Pranell shares how it felt to cast a vote, how long the process was as well as some thoughts for those who choose not to vote.
30 May 12AM 3 min

Durban pilot flies SA flag high to promote voting

Pilot Reinhardt Hanel soared into the skies above Durban with a massive South African flag. This endeavour aimed to inspire citizens to participate in voting. With a target in sight, the mission was simple: fly the 400sqm flag from uMhlanga across Durban. There are also two other things you need…
30 May 12AM 2 min

POV: Election talk from the KZN Department of Health

Dr Sandile Tshabalala shares the Department's plan for emergencies as election day unfolds. From International Day of Action for Women’s Health, to Child Protection Week and even World No Tobacco Day, Dr Tshabalala shares the low down.
28 May 1AM 3 min

Oh no! Mike Tyson suffered a medical scare

What The Heck with Carmen Reddy brings you the biggest stories on then East Coast. From Mike Tyson's medical scare to some tea on Kate, Carmen has the scoop for you this morning.
28 May 12AM 1 min

South Africa snags top spot as World's Friendliest Country

It's official: South Africa has just been voted the friendliest nation on the planet! How's that for some heartwarming news? It's always nice to see our rainbow nation shining in the spotlight for all the right reasons. SA is no stranger to making headlines, but when it's for our warm…
28 May 12AM 1 min

82-year-old woman enters deadlifting contest in a sari

Carmen Reddy brings you the wildest What The Heck stories of the day. This morning we take a look at Kittammal from Pollachi who is defying age norms and entering a deadlifting contest in a sari. Hitting closer to home, Ajay Gupta and his brother-in-law Anil Gupta, were arrested for…
27 May 12AM 1 min

THANK YOU KZN! The Suncoast East Coast Radio Big Walk was incredible

Picture this: streets decked out in yellow and blue, KZN rocking their most epic outfits, and vibes so electric, you could practically feel them crackling in the air! Over 20,000 pumped-up folks joined in for a day packed with fun, fitness, and giving back. The outfits were on point and…
27 May 12AM 2 min

Chris Hemsworth gets on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Carmen Reddy brings you the biggest What The Heck stories in two world. As we broadcast live from Kingsford Estate, Carmen shares that Chris Hemsworth was surrounded by family and friends while receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Wednesday.
24 May 12AM 3 min

East Coast Breakfast's hypothetical SA law changes

With great power comes great responsibility. Th upcoming elections are a serious topic around South Africa, but trust your East Coast Breakfast team to do what they do best... shed some light and humour on what's buzzing in Mzansi. We are have searched not so far and not so wide…
23 May 2AM 8 min

Nickolaus Bauer on the upcoming elections

With the South African elections around the corner, it is important to use your right to vote and stay informed. This year, voters will be handed three ballot papers: the National Compensatory ballot, the National Regional ballot, and the Provincial Legislature ballot. Nickolaus Bauer shares some insight:
23 May 1AM 6 min

Carmen: "The Real Housewives of Durban Reunion was HECTIC!"

We have been keeping a close eye on the 'Realest' and most lavish women in our province. It was a jaw-dropping Season 4 reunion where we saw OG Durban housewife Sorisha Naidoo walk out in tears. During Season 4, there was talk from the ladies about there being a puppet…
23 May 12AM 2 min
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