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The impact of Niger’s closed airspace

After the military junta ruling Niger closed the country’s airspace, we look at the potential implications for the country, and for aviation in Africa more broadly. The move will force commercial aircraft to find alternative routes, increasing flight times and prices for passengers. Plus, we take a look at why…
16 Aug 10AM 27 min

Sudan conflict causing food insecurity

We speak to a farmer who had to flee Sudan due to the ongoing conflict, while the UN is warning that 20 million people in the country face severe acute hunger. What makes a good leader? We'll find out from young Burundian leadership coach Iris Irumva. And we bring you…
15 Aug 10AM 31 min

Kenya content moderators seek protections

A group of data labellers in Kenya want parliament to step in to offer protection from mental trauma caused by reviewing harmful content. Plus, the story of the girl in Mauritania who was arrested for blasphemy over an essay she wrote for school. And how the case of escaped convict…
14 Aug 9AM 27 min

Niger: ECOWAS force on standby

ECOWAS leaders have ended their emergency summit on the coup in Niger. They say all options are still on the table. They have also called for the immediate activation of a standby force. A new report accuses the Angolan police of serious human rights abuses. And a global survey explores…
11 Aug 9AM 30 min

Is there a baguette shortage in Tunisia?

Endless queues and empty bakery stalls. Earlier this week, around 200 Tunisian bakers staged a sit-in after a government decision to stop selling them subsidised flour, a move threatening the closure of hundreds of bakeries. Five people, including a police officer have died in violent protests related to the taxi…
10 Aug 9AM 25 min

ECOWAS leaders consider Niger intervention

With the coup leaders in Niger refusing demands to hand power back to the elected government, the West African regional block ECOWAS is considering options including a military invasion of the country. ECOWAS is due to hold an extraordinary summit in Nigeria on Thursday to discuss its next move. Plus,…
9 Aug 10AM 27 min

Niger coup: Wagner taking advantage of instability - Antony Blinken

Russia's Wagner mercenary group is "taking advantage" of instability in Niger, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has told the BBC. What does this mean and what is next for Niger? Surviving the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi's capital 25 years ago, a woman reveals her children face…
8 Aug 10AM 31 min

Kenya care home abuse revealed

BBC Africa Eye reveals abuse of elderly people at a care home in Kenya. Secret filming shows staff mistreating residents and leaving medical conditions untreated. Plus, we look at the current intensification of fighting in Ethiopia's Amhara region. And Nigeria lose to England at the Women’s World Cup, but will…
7 Aug 10AM 25 min

Kenya care home abuse revealed

BBC Africa Eye reveals abuse of elderly people at a care home in Kenya. Secret filming shows staff mistreating residents and leaving medical conditions untreated. Plus, we look at the current intensification of fighting in Ethiopia's Amhara region. And Nigeria lose to England at the Women’s World Cup, but will…
7 Aug 10AM 25 min

How Niger’s coup affects the Sahel

Niger’s military rulers reopen the borders, as Mali and Burkina Faso warn ECOWAS not to use military force to reinstate deposed president Mohamed Bazoum. Plus, following the jailing of its leader Ousmane Sonko, Senegalese authorities dissolve the country’s largest opposition party Pastef. And we take you to the exhibition showcasing…
2 Aug 10AM 28 min

Mauritius makes progress against smoking

Mauritius, Morocco and Madagascar are leading African countries in making inroads in the fight against smoking, which claims over 8 million lives annually around the world. What's behind the staying power of South Africa's second largest opposition party the EFF and its leader Julius Malema? And Nigeria makes it into…
1 Aug 10AM 32 min

ECOWAS threatens action over Niger coup

West African regional body ECOWAS has threatened a military response to the coup in Niger, if deposed president Mohamed Bazoum is not reinstated within a week. Plus, we look at the impact of Kenya suspending the reopening of its border with Somalia after 11 years of closure, due to attacks…
31 Jul 10AM 27 min

Niger the latest coup in West Africa

Soldiers in the West African country of Niger have announced a coup on national TV. They said they had dissolved the constitution, suspended all institutions and closed the nation's borders. From street child to MP- Meet the man who led the campaign to abolish the death penalty in Ghana. The…
27 Jul 11AM 29 min

Devastating wildfires in Algeria and Tunisia

Devastating wildfires along Algeria's coast and in neighbouring Tunisia have destroyed homes and killed at least 34 people. We focus on the efforts to bring them under control. We look ahead to the second Russia-Africa summit starting tomorrow in St Petersburg. How much leverage do African leaders have? Plus, why…
26 Jul 11AM 26 min

Tax evasion costing African countries billions

We look at how illicit financial flows are costing African governments billions of dollars in lost revenue and affecting spending on vital public services. Plus, as the conflict in Sudan surpasses the 100-day mark, we examine international efforts to mediate an end to the fighting. And we take you to…
25 Jul 11AM 28 min

Situation in Sudan 100 days since fight started

One hundred days since the start of Sudan's new war -harrowing testimonies of Sudanese refugees in neighbouring Chad. Meanwhile protection and learning in child friendly spaces. A leaked memo showing the Lagos State government in South West Nigeria had approved $77,000 for a mass burial of 103 victims of the…
24 Jul 10AM 28 min

Football: FIFA Women's World Cup underway

All eyes on the African teams as the Women’s World Cup gets underway. After years of being in the shadows, Morocco's national team will be making history in their first appearance. We will be in the Central African Republic to find out more about the upcoming constitutional referendum. And we…
21 Jul 11AM 28 min

Gender: A long journey to equality

The challenge facing Africa's women and children is highlighted by a new United Nations report, which reveals that no country has achieved full gender parity or empowerment. With rice becoming a staple food in Africa, we learn about a new initiative by the South Korean government to help countries on…
20 Jul 9AM 29 min

Schools in Kenya close over cost-of-living demonstrations

Is there school in Kenya? Schools in the capital Nairobi and the coastal town of Mombasa have been shut indefinitely as three days of nationwide cost-of-living protests kicked off on Wednesday. Russia cancels grain deal. Russia's withdrawal from the deal allowing Ukraine to safely export grain through the Black Sea…
19 Jul 10AM 26 min

Twitter’s Ghanaian staff without severance pay

Twitter’s former employees in Ghana say the company has gone silent on all negotiations regarding payment of severance pay. In Africa, the biggest impact was in Ghana where the company opened a physical office just four days before the decision to fire staff. We speak to BBC business reporter in…
18 Jul 10AM 25 min
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