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Trusting AI with science

AI is already being used in every branch of science, and will become more and more a feature of future breakthroughs. But with its power to find subtle patterns in massive data sets comes a concern about how we will know when to trust its outcomes, and how to rely…
30 May 35 min

The roots of fentanyl addiction

Fentanyl is a powerful morphine substitute, but it is also incredibly addictive – millions struggle with weaning themselves off it. And of the 600,000 drug deaths worldwide each year, the World Health Organisation estimates 80% are due to opioids in general, with synthetic opioids like fentanyl being a growing part…
23 May 33 min

Aurora Bore-WOW-lis

They were the best northern and southern lights in decades, but why? And what’s next? We hear from astrophysicist Steph Yardley about the solar maximum, geomagnetic storms and atmospheric spectaculars.Also, the impossible heatwave in the Philippines made possible by global warming – the analysis of a continent-spanning climate extreme by…
16 May 32 min