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Mexico elects its first woman president

Claudia Sheinbaum becomes Mexico’s first woman president, so how will she tackle the country’s violence and insecurity? Also in the programme: Nigeria’s public sector workers go on strike disrupting power supplies; and was the so-called Bulgarian Crypto-queen murdered? ( Photo: Claudia Sheinbaum addressing a victory rally in Mexico city. Credit:…
3 Jun 4PM 49 min

Mexico elects its first female president

An ally of outgoing left wing leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador, she has won a landslide victory with about sixty per cent of the vote. Even her most ardent supporters say they want to see more done to tackle violent crime in the drug-violence ravaged nation. Also on the programme:…
3 Jun 9AM 51 min

Polls open in Mexico amid violence

Voting is taking place in Mexico in an election which is almost certain to result in the country's first female president. More than twenty candidates have been killed in what is now the most violent election in modern Mexican history. Also in the programme: scientists in Britain have developed a…
2 Jun 4PM 45 min

Far-right Israeli ministers threaten to resign over Biden plan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu risks losing power if he agrees to the latest deal on the table for a ceasefire in Gaza. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich have threatened to bring down the government if Mr Netanyahu agrees to the deal. We speak to…
2 Jun 9AM 49 min

President Biden’s plan for a ceasefire sparks division in Israel

The ceasefire proposal between Israel and Hamas made by US President Joe Biden has received mixed reactions in Israel. The opposition has backed it but the two leading right-wing ministers have threatened to pull out of the coalition government if there is a deal. Mexicans will go to the polls…
1 Jun 4PM 49 min

South Africa set to be governed by coalition

South Africa is set to be governed by coalition after the ruling ANC loses its majority. With most results declared, the party has around 40%, its worst result for thirty years. It's now preparing to launch coalition talks with its rivals. Also in the programme: a new saliva test for…
1 Jun 9AM 50 min

Biden outlines new Israeli proposal to end Gaza war

President Biden has called on Israel and Hamas to accept a new proposal aimed at ending the war in Gaza. He said the three-phase approach - approved by Israeli officials - would initially involve a six-week ceasefire and the release of Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. In his…
31 May 5PM 50 min

Trump rages at verdict as he's found guilty in historic case

The US presidential election campaign has moved into uncharted territory, after the Republican presumptive candidate Donald Trump was found guilty of falsifying business records. The former president's criminal conviction does not prevent him from running - even if he's sentenced to jail. President Biden's campaign said the threat Mr Trump…
31 May 9AM 47 min

US reportedly gives green light to use of its weapons against Russian targets

President Biden has reportedly given the go-ahead to Ukraine to use its weaponry on targets within Russia as NATO foreign ministers meet in the Czech Republic to discuss the issue. We ask a NATO foreign minister what's changed. Also in the programme, we hear from Mexico ahead of this weekend's…
30 May 4PM 49 min

Hong Kong convicts 14 activists of subversion

Hong Kong has found 14 pro-democracy activists guilty of subversion in the largest use yet of a China-imposed National Security Law. They were among the 47 activists charged with trying to "overthrow" the government by organising an unofficial primary in 2020 to pick candidates who can run for office.Also in…
30 May 9AM 46 min

South Africans vote in key elections

South Africans have been voting in the most pivotal election since the end of apartheid, which could see the African National Congress lose its majority for the first time. Newshour gets the latest and speaks to voters.Also in the programme: the impact on civilians as Israel pushes ahead with its…
29 May 4PM 47 min

South Africa Goes to the Polls in Hard Fought Election

South Africans go to the polls today in what is predicted to be the most competitive election since the end of apartheid. Also in the programme, Delhi hits record-level temperatures and South Korea's clean-up effort after North Korea sends hundreds of balloons of rubbish that land across the country(Picture: People…
29 May 10AM 47 min

Gaza: many casualties at a camp for displaced Palestinians

Officials from Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry say Israeli strikes on a tent camp for displaced Palestinians to the west of Rafah have reportedly killed at least twenty-one people. The tents that were reportedly hit were in Al-Mawasi. Israel has denied targeting the area. Newshour hears from James Smith, a British…
28 May 4PM 48 min

Kharkiv city under siege

Increased Russian shelling in the north-east city of Kharkiv has left residents feeling exposed calling into question how far Western allies of Ukraine can support the country by lifting restrictions on armaments.Also in the programme: a BBC World Service investigation has revealed that children as young as five are working…
28 May 9AM 49 min