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Is Ecuador on the brink?

Until now, Ecuador has avoided the worst effects of the narco gangs, political violence and instability that have plagued its larger neighbours. But in the past week, presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio is one of two politicians to have been shot dead, just days ahead of a snap election. We hear…
16 Aug 5PM 51 min

Ecuador on 'brink of becoming a narco-state'

The Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was shot dead as he left a campaign rally last week, 11 days before the election. His running-mate, Andrea González, tells us that she is wearing a bulletproof vest 24 hours a day. Also on the programme: England advance to the Women’s World Cup…
16 Aug 10AM 49 min

Afghanistan: Two years on from the Taliban takeover

Two years after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, we hear from Adela Raz, former Afghan Ambassador, about how the international community can impact the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan. Later, we speak to Richard Fausset, National Correspondent for the New York Times about the significance of the charges…
15 Aug 5PM 48 min

Donald Trump indicted in Georgia

Donald Trump and his allies have condemned criminal charges brought against them by the US state of Georgia and accused the District Attorney of political interference. The indictment lists thirteen counts against the former president, who's accused of engaging in a criminal enterprise to overturn the result of the 2020…
15 Aug 10AM 49 min

Right-wing populist becomes Argentina presidency frontrunner

A right-wing populist candidate has shaken Argentina's political establishment by coming first in the presidential primary election. Javier Mllei won more than 30% of the vote after calling for austerity and the dollarisation of the economy. The former television personality has promised to put an end to what he calls…
14 Aug 5PM 49 min

Hawaii wildfire: Maui braces 'significant' death toll rise

Hawaii’s governor, Josh Green, has described the blaze as a fire hurricane, with high winds and temperatures reaching 1000 degrees Celsius. The authorities have warned that efforts to find and identify the dead on the island of Maui are still in in their early stages. Emergency plans will initially see…
14 Aug 10AM 50 min

Hawaii appeals for federal aid to help recover from wildfires

The wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui are now being described as the worst in the United States for more than a century, with 93 people confirmed dead. Representative Jill Tokuda gives us an update. Also on the programme, can ECOWAS drum up enough support in the region for…
13 Aug 5PM 49 min

Hawaii fires: 80 people confirmed dead

A senior official from FEMA tells Newshour that additional expert help has been deployed to Hawaii and that forensic work continues in the wake of devastating wildfires. Also on the programme, Armenia has written to the United Nations Security Council asking for an emergency session on the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian…
12 Aug 5PM 49 min

Hawaii wildfire: state orders investigation

Hawaii's attorney general has ordered an investigation into the handling of devastating wildfires which are now known to have killed at least eighty people. The authorities are facing growing questions about whether they could have done more to warn residents on the island of Maui. Also in the programme: England…
12 Aug 9AM 49 min

Hawaii residents return to 'ash and dust' after deadly fires

State governor Josh Green has called the fires "catastrophic", and probably the largest natural disaster in Hawaii's history. Also in the programme: Former US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, criticises the deal that will lead to the release of 5 American citizens detained in Iran, calling it "effectively human trafficking…
11 Aug 5PM 49 min

Hawaii fires leave 55 dead

The authorities on Hawaii's island of Maui say it will take many years and billions of dollars to repair the damage caused by devastating wildfires. Fifty- five people are now known to have died and thousands have been displaced. We hear from survivors in Maui. Also on the programme, West…
11 Aug 10AM 50 min

US and Iran agree prisoner swap

Siamak Namazi, Emad Shargi and Morad Tahbaz and two un-named US Iranian dual nationals were released to house arrest in Iran, which could lead to their eventual repatriation to the US. Also on the programme: President Biden has declared that a major disaster exists in the State of Hawaii; and…
10 Aug 5PM 48 min

Ecuador presidential candidate assassinated

A countrywide state of emergency has been declared in Ecuador after the assassination of a candidate in this month's presidential election. Fernando Villavicencio was shot dead while leaving a campaign event in the capital, Quito. Also on the programme, the leaders of the recent coup in Niger have announced a…
10 Aug 11AM 48 min

At least 41 migrants killed in shipwreck off Italian coast

Only four people survived the incident in the Mediterranean Sea. They were taken to the Italian island of Lampedusa on Wednesday. We speak to Paul Wagner, from Sea Watch, about how the rescue mission unfolded. Also on the programme: A summit aimed at protecting the Amazon wraps in in Brazil;…
9 Aug 5PM 48 min