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Vietnam EV maker VinFast valued at more than Ford or GM

Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) maker VinFast's stock market valuation has soared above Ford and General Motors (GM) on its first day of trading. And many of the raw materials needed to make electric cars are mined in Africa. Yet, the continent often misses out on the key profits made from…
16 Aug 11AM 27 min

Retail sales increase in the US

There's more evidence that US consumers are weathering the economic storm and continuing to spend. Figures show retail sales rose by 0.7% in July which is more than expected. It's welcome news for retailers who are struggling with high prices and lower margins, and that’s going to force the Fed…
15 Aug 6PM 28 min

China halts youth jobless data as economy falters

Unemployment amongst young people in China has been on the rise for some time now which at the last count had hit a record high of more than 20%. Marking the second anniversary of their return to power in Afghanistan, Taliban’s have barred nearly a million girls from secondary school,…
15 Aug 11AM 27 min

The battle for US Steel

US Steel is in the middle of a bidding war. Esmark, a privately held company, made an offer to buy the company for 7.8 Billion dollars. The offer comes after 7.3 billion dollar bid from Cleveland-Cliffs was rejected. Earlier, US Steel said it was considering strategic options and had already…
14 Aug 6PM 27 min

China’s property giant shares plunge to a record low

China's property developer giant, Country Garden, has seen its share price plunge to a record low today after it suspended trading on some key bonds. The company has become a symbol of China's struggling property sector. Workers at several natural gas plants in Australia will decide this week whether to…
14 Aug 11AM 28 min

Hawaii wildfires: what's next for the tourism industry?

At least 55 people are known to have died and thousands have been displaced from devastating wildfires that began on the island of Maui on Tuesday. The extreme damage to homes and businesses would likely drive losses into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Hawaii is one of the world's…
11 Aug 6PM 27 min

More troubles for the Chinese property sector

Country Garden is one of China's biggest property firms, but there's trouble lurking in the undergrowth. It's warned investors it could see a US$7 billion loss for the first half of the year.
11 Aug 10AM 29 min

US inflation up again

Prices in the US rose to 3.2% compared to July last year, following 13 months of falls after peaking at 9.1 percent last June. The increase is due partly to higher housing and food costs. Although inflation has drifted down from last summer's 40 year high, but it's still well…
10 Aug 11AM 3 min

US bans investing in China's high-tech sectors

President Joe Biden has banned major US investors from putting money into some Chinese firms making advanced semi-conductors, or developing quantum computing or artificial intelligence technology. We find out what this restriction means for the Chinese economy? Entertainment giant Disney has reported losses that shows declines of its television and…
9 Aug 6PM 26 min

Deflation in China

It's often said that if America sneezes, the world catches a cold. That now must be true of China - the worlds second largest economy. China's economy is struggling with falling prices - or deflation. The main inflation measure has turned negative for the first time since the pandemic.
9 Aug 11AM 29 min

Brazil aims to stop deforestation of the Amazon

Brazil's President Lula is hosting a summit in Belém, northern Brazil alongside seven other nations that share the Amazon. This is in a bid to save it and bring it out of economic turmoil. The Taiwanese chipmaker, TSMC, is to open a new semiconductor factory in Germany, strongly boosting Europe's…
8 Aug 6PM 27 min

Chinese exports fall

Global demand for Chinese goods fell by 14.5% last month compared to the same time last year. It's a bigger than expected decline and reflects the threat of recession in the US and Europe, combined with high inflation. Imports also fell for the ninth straight month, showing soft domestic demand.
8 Aug 11AM 27 min

US trucking giant Yellow files for bankruptcy

US trucking company Yellow has filed for bankruptcy and will be closing down. The company had received a $700mn Covid-19 relief loan from the Trump administration during the summer of 2020. So will the loan be repaid? And what does it mean for the 30,000 workers expected to lose their…
7 Aug 6PM 27 min

Saudi Aramco sees profits fall

The largely Saudi Government owned oil producer saw a 38% drop to $30 billion for the second quarter. That's compared to this time last year, when prices surged following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The company said it was because of lower crude oil prices and smaller margins in refining and…
7 Aug 11AM 28 min

Meta blocks news in Canada over new laws

Meta has begun blocking access to news on Facebook and Instagram in Canada in response to a new law requiring internet giants to pay news publishers. Takara Small, a technology journalist brought us the latest from Toronto. The government in Chile wants to restrict the numbers of migrants coming into…
2 Aug 6PM 27 min

Russian drone strike threatens grain supply

Ukraine's main inland port, Izmail, has been hit by a drone strike weeks after Russia pulled out of an agreement that saw Ukrainian grain exported safely. Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister has said the attack damaged 40,000 tons of grain planned for buyers in Africa, China and Israel. What impact is…
2 Aug 11AM 28 min

Donald Trump faces more indictments

Former US President Donald Trump is facing a third case in the wake of the 2020 Presidential election and its fallout. We look at his finances. As Uber turns a profit for the first time, we look at how the company plans to expand and remain profitable. Plus we hear…
1 Aug 6PM 30 min

Nigeria: President faces protests over economic policies

Nigeria's President Bola Tinubu has fleshed out the details of a raft of measures to tackle the rising cost of living, which has prompted civil unrest and looting. In a televised address to the nation, Mr Tinubu said he had ordered the release of 200,000 tonnes of grain from strategic…
1 Aug 11AM 27 min
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