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When it comes to daily news, The World Tonight takes international events seriously and covers them in depth. Using the BBC's international network of correspondents we report on what is going on, put it in context and provide a forum for debate on the big issues facing us all. The presenter team is led by Ritula Shah. It is broadcast Monday to Friday at 10pm on BBC Radio 4 and lasts for 45 minutes.
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The eve of critical COP28 climate conference

How Covid lockdowns affected young children's speech and languageThe musician leading Uganda's opposition on democracy and his country's crackdown on gay people
29 Nov 2023 5PM 39 min


In depth reporting, intelligent analysis and breaking news from a global perspective
28 Nov 2023 5PM 38 min

Gaza truce extended by two days

A fourth group of hostages held in Gaza has been released - and Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend their truce by a further two days. We hear from the family of two hostages yet to be released. And we discuss the longer-term prospects for peace with a former…
27 Nov 2023 5PM 37 min

Israel releases Palestinian prisoners

Israel says 24 hostages have been freed after they were taken captive by Hamas. Tonight some of the hostages are being reunited with their friends and family. We have the latest. Also on the programme: After a four-year hiaitus, HMV has opened its doors to music lovers on London's Oxford…
24 Nov 2023 5PM 38 min

Net migration to the UK hits record high

Net migration into the UK was a record 745,000 last year, figures show - far higher than originally thought. Increasing numbers of international students are among the new arrivals. We hear from one of them and a university vice chancellor who says students shouldn't count towards the net migration figures…
23 Nov 2023 5PM 37 min