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Global economic pulse check

Adriaan Pask, chief investment officer of PSG Wealth, provides an update on how the markets have fared so far in 2024, and what investors can expect from the rest of the year.
22 Apr 23 min

To invest or not: the great cash debate

Adriaan Pask, chief investment officer of PSG Wealth, explains the investment strategy behind low-risk investment products and why they’re an important part of a holistic portfolio.
28 Mar 20 min

Market outlook 2024

Elections and interest rate cuts are two of the key themes driving investment decisions in 2024, but what else should investors expect from a markets perspective? PSG Wealth's chief investment officer Adriaan Pask shares his views in this informative podcast.
14 Feb 24 min

Fostering a healthy relationship with money to achieve financial freedom

Nirdev Desai, head of sales at PSG Wealth, discusses different factors that can shape your relationship with money, for better or worse. He also pinpoints the lessons to be learnt from the healthy financial behaviours of successful high-net-worth individuals, which can be replicated to help you achieve your financial goals.
31 Jan 31 min

Sanlam Transformation Gauge – Enterprise supplier development

Welcome to Episode 4. Today we discuss the Enterprise & Supplier Development element of the BBBEE Codes Enterprise Development (ED) and Supplier Development (SD) is one of the three priority elements of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Scorecard. The aim is to strengthen local procurement, enhance local supplier development…
20 Dec 2023 16 min

Sanlam Transformation Gauge – Youth

Welcome to Episode 3. Today we discuss how the BBBEE Codes serve one of the most vulnerable groups of our society, the youth. Quarterly data released by Statistics South Africa in May 2023 shows that the total number of unemployed youth stands at 4.9 million, which is 46.5% in comparison…
20 Dec 2023 16 min

Sanlam Transformation Gauge – Ownership

Welcome to Episode 2. Today we discuss the ownership element of the BBBEE Codes. Joining me in studio today to dig into the detail of these findings is: Ray-Ann Sedres, the Chief Transformation Officer, Sanlam Hale Matsipa, the CEO at Kleoss Capital, “a Black Owned and Managed, South African mid-capital…
20 Dec 2023 23 min

Sanlam Transformation Gauge – Management control

Welcome to Episode 1 where we will be discussing the Management Control element of the BBBEE Codes, which has consistently been the lowest scoring element sincfe the establishment of the Sanlam Transformation Gauge, and to join me in this discussion we have; Ray-Ann Sedres, the Chief Transformation Officer, Sanlam Norah…
20 Dec 2023 18 min

Episode 6

What are the barriers to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals
7 Dec 2023 14 min

Episode 5

The prioritization between ESG integration, impact, or ratings.
7 Dec 2023 15 min

Episode 4

What is the importance of the 'S' in ESG
7 Dec 2023 16 min

Episode 3

The importance of ESG in investment decisions
7 Dec 2023 16 min

How much should you invest offshore?

PSG Wealth chief investment officer Adriaan Pask shares some insight into how you should approach your offshore investment strategy.
6 Nov 2023 19 min

Episode 2

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are a set of 17 interconnected and ambitious goals adopted by all United Nations Member States in September 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These goals aim to address a wide range of global challenges and create a more…
31 Oct 2023 17 min

Episode 1

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) imperatives have become fundamental to how businesses make investment decisions and in 2021 flows into ESG investments reached a pinnacle when the market saw an estimated $120bn flow to sustainable investments. By effectively including and implementing ESG in business strategy, South African business can become…
31 Oct 2023 13 min
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