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Is a Brics currency a viable option?

In this podcast, PSG Wealth's Adriaan Pask explains the requirements for a reserve currency, whether the creation of a Brics currency is a feasible idea, and why it’s unlikely the US dollar will be dethroned any time soon.
5 Jul 25 min

How to turn a financial plan into an action plan

Like running a marathon, investing is a long-term game that requires preparation — and a financial adviser can act as your trusted ‘coach’,” says Nirdev Desai, PSG Wealth’s head of sales.
14 Apr 23 min

Financial planning in a world of perma-crisis

In this podcast, Nirdev Desai, PSG Wealth head of sales, weighs-in on the effects of a changing environment on cash and cash-like investments, and the role of these types of assets in a rapidly rising inflationary world
13 Jan 26 min

Investment highlights for 2022

High inflation and aggressive interest rate hikes, combined with geopolitical tensions affected markets and asset classes this year. So, what was the biggest investment lesson? PSG Wealth’s chief investment officer, Adriaan Pask, shares his views.
21 Nov 2022 18 min

Is now the right time to invest in local assets?

In the past, offshore investments have been seen as being the alpha generator and local, the diversifier. But times have changed, so why shouldn’t your investment approach? PSG Wealth’s chief investment officer, Adriaan Pask, shares his views.
26 Oct 2022 19 min

Stagflation or deflation: what part of the market cycle will come next?

Adriaan Pask, chief investment officer at PSG Wealth, reveals what media and research reports say about what part of the market cycle will come next: stagflation or deflation. He also explains why investors should be cautious using inflation as a benchmark for the performance of their portfolios at present.
14 Sep 2022 20 min

Be wary of investment biases in volatile markets

Adriaan Pask, chief investment officer at PSG Wealth, discusses common biases that tend to shape investor behaviour, and explains the importance of recognising and challenging such biases when making investment decisions.
17 Aug 2022 26 min

Risk-free investments amid rising inflation

Nirdev Desai, head of Sales at PSG Wealth, discusses the relevance of cash and cash-like investments within portfolios, questions whether cash, money market funds and other fixed-income assets are indeed risk free, and highlights the difference between local cash assets and those from developed markets such as the US.
13 May 2022 18 min

How to use technology most effectively to manage payroll tax compliance

Jeff Ryan of AWCape and Yolandi Esterhuizen of Sage explain how automated payroll systems can assist with tax compliance. They also point out that, in order to use this technology most effectively, it's important to have right people and training procedures in place too.
24 Apr 2022 25 min

Investment lessons from the Russian-Ukraine conflict

In this podcast, Adriaan Pask, PSG Wealth’s chief investment officer, reflects on the impact of the current geopolitical tension on inflation, interest rates and economic growth, and what this means for investors.
6 Apr 2022 20 min
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