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Trump could face Georgia trial next March

The Fulton County prosecutor recommends a trial date for the former president's latest charges. Also: More than 60 migrants are presumed dead after their vessel sank off the coast of Cape Verde in West Africa. And the story of an Irish bank with unlimited withdrawals.
16 Aug 7PM 32 min

Ukrainian ex-POWs allege torture at Russian prison

Former Ukrainian prisoners of war say they were subjected to torture at a Russian detention centre. Also: the Vietnamese electric car start-up VinFast is now worth almost twice as much as Ford or General Motors. And, in Women's Football World Cup semi-final, England have beaten Australia.
16 Aug 10AM 32 min

Afghanistan: Two years on from Taliban takeover

The government claims its restrictions on women's rights will not last forever. Also: More than a million people have fled Sudan, as aid agencies say the crisis is spiralling out of control. And, almost 50 years after its creation, why so many people still love the Rubik's Cube.
15 Aug 7PM 32 min

Trump indicted by Georgia grand jury

The former US president describes the charges as a 'witch hunt'. The indictment lists 13 counts against Mr Trump, who's accused of trying to overturn the last presidential election result. Also: Two years on from the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, women in the country tell us about their lives, and…
15 Aug 10AM 29 min

Russian rouble hits symbolic low

The central bank in Moscow prepares to hold a special meeting as the currency falls sharply against the US dollar. Also: The US, UN and West African leaders condemn threats by Niger's coup leaders to prosecute the ousted president. And 200 people follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, setting…
14 Aug 7PM 29 min

Niger: Ousted president to be prosecuted

The leaders of last month's coup say Mohamed Bazoum will be tried for high treason. Also, a colourful far-right candidate wins a primary election in Argentina, and fan letters written by Beatle George Harrison's mother go up for auction.
14 Aug 10AM 32 min

Hawaii wildfires 'deadliest in modern US history'

Appeals for federal help as hundreds still unaccounted for. Also: Russia FIRES warning shots at ship in the Black Sea for the first time since Moscow pulled out of a deal allowing safe passage through it, and a Belgian university launches a Taylor Swift inspired course.
13 Aug 7PM 29 min

Search for victims intensifies after Hawaii wildfires

Hundreds of people are still unaccounted for days after the fires broke out in Maui. Also: Niger president "in good spirits" despite detention, and the scientist in Switzerland who has decided to save the last bit of his favourite glacier in his own freezer!
12 Aug 8PM 32 min

The Happy Pod: Six months on, revisiting the baby born under the rubble

Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, Afraa, the newborn rescued from the debris of Syria’s earthquake, is a symbol of hope, the mother and daughter who won the lottery to travel to space, and the dog who surfed to victory at the world championships.
12 Aug 6AM 27 min

US special counsel to investigate Biden's son Hunter

The prosecutor, David Weiss, who brought criminal charges against Hunter Biden will get additional powers. Also: Ukraine sacks army conscription officials for taking bribes, and California approves driverless taxi expansion in San Francisco.
11 Aug 8PM 32 min

China claims it's uncovered a CIA spy in its network

Authorities say ‘Zeng’ was influenced by trips to the opera with a CIA agent. Also: South Africa's former president, Jacob Zuma is released from prison after one hour, and the Pokemon World Championships begins in Japan for the first time.
11 Aug 10AM 26 min

Iran releases US dual nationals into house arrest

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken welcomed the releases of the prisoners in Iran but said their transfer to house arrest was just a first step. Also: West African nations to assemble "standby force" over Niger, and Virgin Galactic takes its first tourists to the edge of space.
10 Aug 8PM 32 min

Ukrainians close to a Russian front line are told to leave immediately

There's been an increase in Russian attacks in the Kharkiv region. Also: West African leaders say dialogue with the leaders of the coup in Niger will be the 'bedrock' of their approach to the crisis, and there’s a state of emergency in Ecuador as a presidential candidate is assassinated weeks…
10 Aug 10AM 29 min

Fatalities in Hawaii as wildfires engulf Maui

Six people have died and many more have been injured on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Also: an investigation is launched into the deaths of migrants in a boat off Lampedusa, and the Sugar Man musician Sixto Rodriguez dies aged 81.
9 Aug 8PM 33 min

Amazon summit in Brazil

Eight regional leaders agree to form an alliance to fight deforestation. Also: Hundreds of firefighters are battling to contain forest fires in Portugal, and the mystery surrounding a fatal mushroom lunch in Australia.
8 Aug 8PM 33 min

Amatic increase' in Myanmar war crimes

UN finds that war crimes in Myanmar have dramatically increased under the military junta. Also: South American leaders gather to try and stop the destruction of the Amazon rain forest, and why you need to be careful of who can hear you typing.
8 Aug 10AM 31 min

US: Still 'window of opportunity' to resolve Niger crisis

Washington mounts pressure on coup leaders by suspending tens of millions in aid. Also: The official spokesman for the Israeli army describes violence perpetrated by settlers as terrorism, and William Friedkin - the Oscar winning director of The Exorcist and the French Connection - has died at the age of…
7 Aug 8PM 34 min

Amed on coup sanctions

Nigeria reportedly cuts electricity supplies to increase pressure on Niger military junta. Also: Pittsburgh synagogue gunman gets death penalty, and AI offers huge promise on breast cancer screening.
2 Aug 8PM 31 min
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