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Mexico elects its first female president

Supporters of Claudia Sheinbaum have been celebrating her landslide victory in Mexico's presidential election. Also: blackout in Nigeria as striking workers shut down the entire power grid, new blood test to predict breast cancer return and couple find safe full of cash while magnet fishing in New York.
3 Jun 9AM 36 min

South Africa president faces up to poor poll result

Cyril Ramaphosa has admitted his African National Congress party has suffered a challenging election result. Also: Mexicans vote in election likely to see first woman president, and the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch marries for fifth time at the age of 93.
2 Jun 8PM 37 min

Israeli ministers threaten to quit government if Gaza peace deal agreed

The Israeli National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, said any deal that resulted in a ceasefire in Gaza before Hamas was destroyed would be a victory for terrorism. Also: Boeing's first crewed Starliner launch delayed again over computer issues, and the life-saving Heimlich manoeuvre is fifty years old.
1 Jun 8PM 32 min

The Happy Pod: Seoul's 'spaced-out' contest

To combat over-working culture, South Koreans have taken part in the annual 'space-out' competition, where they must simply sit still and do absolutely nothing for 90 minutes. But, they must not fall asleep. Also: meet the podcasters hoping to promote friendship between Morocco and Algeria, a hungry sea lion who…
1 Jun 8AM 29 min

Biden unveils Israeli proposal to end Gaza War

The plan would begin with a six-week ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israel Defence Forces from populated areas of Gaza. Also: Donald Trump to appeal what he called "rigged" conviction, and a rare fern has the largest genome of any organism on earth - fifty times more DNA than humans.
31 May 8PM 35 min

Among US Republicans to Trump guilty verdict

US presidential election campaign moves into uncharted territory after Donald Trump was found guilty of falsifying business records. We bring you the best content, reportage and analysis of the Trump verdict and look at where the US election goes from here. Also in this podcast: the latest from South Africa…
31 May 9AM 31 min

14 Hong Kong activists convicted of subversion

The landmark case has swept up Hong Kong’s best-known pro-democracy campaigners, and effectively wiped out that whole movement. Also: Spanish MP's have approved a highly contested law granting amnesty to separatists from the region of Catalonia, we're in South Africa where counting is underway in the country's elections, and Pop…
30 May 10AM 33 min

Trump jury deliberations under way

The 12 New Yorkers have asked to hear back some of the testimony. Also: Israel takes control of corridor between Gaza and Egypt, the iconic Ukrainian hotel being auctioned off for the war effort and why hardly any of us are using AI tools.
29 May 7PM 34 min

India heatwave: Warnings as residents swelter

Officials say the country is likely to experience longer and more intense heatwaves this year. Also: A senior Israeli official says he expects the fighting to continue in Gaza for at least the rest of the year; how North Korea is menacing its southern neighbour with balloons filled with rubbish;…
29 May 9AM 34 min

Israel denies killing 21 Palestinians in a Gaza 'safe zone'

Emergency services in Gaza said four tank shells hit a cluster of tents in al-Mawasi - a supposed safe zone the Israelis had told Palestinians to move to to escape fighting in Rafah. Also: closing arguments in the fraud trial of former US president Donald Trump and the cancer survivor…
28 May 8PM 33 min

Israeli tanks in the heart of Rafah

Witnesses say Israeli tanks are in the southern Gaza city, despite a global outcry over the killing of dozens of Palestinian civilians after an Israeli air strike. Meanwhile, three European nations have officially recognised a Palestinian state. Also: On the eve of South Africa's election, we look at the lengths…
28 May 9AM 27 min

Netanyahu calls Rafah operation a 'tragic mishap'

The air strike targeted leaders of Hamas but killed dozens of Palestinians instead. The UN Security council has called an emergency meeting to discuss the incident, with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres describing the situation in southern Gaza as "a horror that had to stop". Also on the podcast: a…
27 May 7PM 32 min

Israel faces growing condemnation of air strike on Rafah

Hamas says dozens of civilians were killed; Israel says it was targeting Hamas compound. Also: more than 2,000 people are now feared dead after Friday's landslide in Papua New Guinea, and the FBI investigates hundreds of treasures believed to have been stolen from the British Museum.
27 May 10AM 32 min

Hundreds feared 'buried alive' under Papua New Guinea landslide

Officials say an entire village in a mountainous area of the north of the country was obliterated in the early hours of Friday morning. Rescuers are reported to be at risk because the land is still moving. Also: Palestinian health officials say Israel has carried out a deadly airstrike on…
26 May 7PM 31 min

Title - The Happy Pod: The opera singing rescue dog

How an injured greyhound found her voice, accompanying her adopted human 'big sister' while she plays the piano. Georgia, who now has a huge social media following, has a particular talent for opera. Also: The man who nearly became America's first black astronaut finally makes it into space -- the…
25 May 8AM 30 min

Top UN court orders Israel to stop Rafah offensive

In a dramatic move, the International Court of Justice supported a South African request that Israel should halt its operation in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Also: US missionaries killed in Haiti gang violence, and Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock dies aged 53.
24 May 8PM 33 min

Three more Israeli hostages' bodies found in Gaza

The IDF said the men's bodies were recovered from the northern town of Jabalia overnight in a joint operation with Israel's domestic intelligence agency. Also: emergency teams in Papua New Guinea search for people trapped after a massive landslide, and a gymnast from Uzbekistan has missed her chance to compete…
24 May 9AM 30 min

US sues to break up Live Nation-Ticketmaster 'monopoly'

Live Nation - which promotes concerts, owns venues and sells tickets through its Ticketmaster platform - currently controls around eighty percent of major entertainment ticket sales in the US. Also: the French president speaks of an "unprecedented insurrection movement" in New Caledonia, and do you get frustrated when your name…
23 May 8PM 37 min
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