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about Music: the Art of listening.

Music is supposed to stir the emotions, and if we are hearing it, but it is not moving us in any way, surely that’s inexcusable?

Over a series of chats with musical examples, I would like to introduce you to a different way of listening to music, by exploring how it creates the emotions that it is supposed to in the listener.

I would enjoy being your guide to a deeper listening experience.
Weekly English South Africa Music History · Music Commentary
31 Episodes
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Programme 31. Modulation as a key to Emotional Content

This evening we look at two seasonal works, with the specific intention of understanding how the construction of the music is carefully crafted to produce the desired emotional content. You will love these, and I feel you cannot fail to be as moved as I always am. And then Chopin’s…
29 Nov 2023 59 min

“about Music” - programme 30

In the 30th programme in the series “about Music” today, we are going to look at melody, also casually referred to as “tunes”. Then we go further with Phrases and Phrasing, which refers to the grouping of notes within a melody. We explore in depth the set of Variations from…
23 Nov 2023 59 min

about Music – The Art of Listening. Programme 28 – The Second Movement

Today we fill in the movement we haven’t spoken about yet; the second movement. This is usually the “Slow” movement. But what exactly does “Slow Movement” mean? Please join me and together we will find out. Two full length works, and one slow movement, all by Mozart, in today’s programme!
7 Nov 2023 59 min

about Music – The Art of Listening. Programme 26

Today we are looking at third movements of large works in compound Ternary form, so today we have music by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, and Prokofiev. We can dance a few Minuets, a Gavotte and a Musette, and also share in a joke or two. Please join me!
25 Oct 2023 59 min

about Music – The Art of Listening. Programme 24

More music by Mozart today. Please join me today and discover what Mozart’s Concertos, Sonatas, String Quartets, Symphonies and Operas have in common, apart from their composer! I have selected 6 first movements from the above works to illustrate what they have in common.
11 Oct 2023 59 min

about Music – The Art of Listening. Programme 23

Two A major Concerto’s by Mozart today. Mozart’s Concertos for Piano and for Clarinet, are both in A major. This is one of Mozart’s “happy keys”, along with E flat major and C major. In the context of the Doctrine of the Affections, each musical key was believed to have…
2 Oct 2023 1 hr 05 min

about Music – The Art of Listening. Programme 22

So, let us imagine that you are listening to a piece of music, but you cannot place it. What is its name? We starting looking at musical fingerprints in this episode, things that can help us find out what that piece of music is.
27 Sep 2023 1 hour

Programme 21-about Music: Ternary form and Rondo Form

We conclude this section of the “about Music” introduction to Musical Structure, taking the structure of Ternary Form to the next level and introducing Rondo form. These two structures pop up in unusual places, but more often they are integral parts of almost all multi-movement works, such as Concertos, Symphonies,…
21 Sep 2023 59 min

Programme 18: about Music Pieces Throughcomposed and Binary form

Hello again. This is Brian, and I am pleased to welcome you back to “about Music”, our weekly chat and listening experience. As I mentioned last week, there will be very little chatting this week as I did all of it last week. So today I’m spending nearly the entire…
15 Aug 2023 1 hour

Programme 12

Programme 12 description. The Minor Scale. In today’s programme we examine the Aeolian Mode, the Natural Minor scale, the Harmonic Minor scale and the Melodic Minor scale. And I have a lovely selection of musical examples to accustom your ear to these! Please join me!
12 Jul 2023 58 min
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