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The new voice of Saskatchewan. Evan Bray discusses the latest stories about Saskatchewan with Saskatchewan listeners. Heard from 8:30am - 12:30pm on 650 CKOM & 980 CJME.
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The Evan Bray Show - Arian Beyzaei - November 30th, 2023

Today is the final day of Financial Literacy Month! Arian Beyzaei, Vice President of Enriched Academy, joins Evan to share some advice for listeners who want to improve their financial situation but aren't sure where to begin.
30 Nov 2023 1PM 15 min

The Evan Bray Show - Dan Gordon - November 30th, 2023

A new study is highlighting the effects that physical exercise can have for people with Down syndrome, and the results are incredible. Dr. Dan Gordon, an exercise physiologist and Associate Professor at Anglia Ruskin University, joins Evan to discuss to results of the Mindsets Global Research Study.
30 Nov 2023 11AM 17 min

The Evan Bray Show - Glen McCallum - November 30th, 2023

Métis Nation-Saskatchewan and the provincial government recently signed an agreement on new programs to improve firearm safety and education. Glen McCallum, President of Métis Nation Saskatchewan, joins Evan.
30 Nov 2023 11AM 18 min

The Evan Bray Show - Paul Merriman - November 30th, 2023

The Chief of the Saskatchewan Marshals Service has been named. Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Paul Merriman joins Evan to discuss the government’s choice of leader for the province’s new police service.
30 Nov 2023 10AM 18 min

The Evan Bray Show - David Phillips - November 30th, 2023

It’s the final day of November and the weather is far from frightful. Is this the nicest November EVER? David Phillips, Senior Climatologist with Environment Canada, joins Evan and then Jamie Nye is on the line with an update on the new Riders head coach!
30 Nov 2023 9AM 15 min

The Evan Bray Show - Senator Denise Batters - November 29th, 2023

Debate on a contentious farm heating bill was underway in the Senate yesterday. Senator Denise Batters joins Evan to update us on the progress of the vote on Bill C-234 - legislation that would exempt natural gas and propane used to heat barns or dry grain from the carbon tax.
29 Nov 2023 1PM 16 min

The Evan Bray Show - SSRL - November 29th, 2023

It’s time for Saskatchewan’s Smartest Radio Listener! It's your chance for fame, and acclaim and to prove just how smart you are. Not only do you get bragging rights, but you’ll also win a $50 gift card to Delta Hotels by Marriott Bessborough and Delta Downtown and an exclusive Smartest…
29 Nov 2023 1PM 19 min

The Evan Bray Show - The Harm Reduction Round Table - November 29th, 2023

In the midst of an overdose crisis in Saskatchewan, many discussions are taking place about what can possibly be done to lower the rate of overdose deaths in our province. Evan is joined by Rand Teed, an addictions counselor, and Sarah Kozusko, who runs the Queen City Wellness Pharmacy in…
29 Nov 2023 12PM 35 min

The Evan Bray Show - Derek Miller and Paul Champ - November 29th, 2023

Saskatchewan Health Authority Chief Operating Officer Derek Miller joins Evan to discuss the current state of healthcare in Saskatchewan and the plans to address the overcrowding healthcare facilities across the province are experiencing. And then: The war between Israel and Hamas has rightfully garnered international attention, with many people sharing…
29 Nov 2023 10AM 34 min

The Evan Bray Show - Tracy Zambory - November 29th, 2023

Nurses in Saskatchewan say they have had enough. The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses is calling for more staff and safer working conditions in Saskatchewan hospitals, calling their current working conditions "terribly unsafe and deplorable." Tracy Zambory, President of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, joins Evan.
29 Nov 2023 10AM 16 min

The Evan Bray Show - Ken Karemaker - November 28th, 2023

The Grand Hotel Shaunavon is getting a major facelift! After sitting vacant for more than 40 years, it’s new owner plans to completely restore the building and turn it into a heritage hotel. Kent Karemaker joins Evan to discuss the ongoing project.
28 Nov 2023 1PM 15 min

The Evan Bray Show - David Ian Gray - November 28th, 2023

Some big box stores have been making the decision to ditch self-checkouts in favor of an all-cashier checkout system. David Ian Gray, a retail adviser with DIG360, joins Evan to discuss the future of self-checkouts.
28 Nov 2023 1PM 35 min

The Evan Bray Show - Robert Goldman - November 28th, 2023

In the conflict between Israel and Hamas, both sides have been accused of breaking international law. The United Nations says it is collecting evidence of war crimes by all sides. Robert Goldman, an expert on the laws of war at American University Washington College of Law, joins Evan to discuss…
28 Nov 2023 12PM 17 min

The Evan Bray Show - Carla Beck - November 28th,2023

Carla Beck, leader of the Saskatchewan NDP, joins Evan to discuss some of the biggest concerns on the minds of Saskatchewan residents including the province’s mid-year financial report, the carbon tax, and the recent behaviour of one NDP MLA.
28 Nov 2023 11AM 34 min

The Evan Bray Show - Donna Harpauer - November 28th, 2023

Saskatchewan’s finances have taken a downturn. The province’s mid-year financial report is forecasting a deficit of $250.5 million at mid-year, down $1.27 billion from budget and $736.1 million from the first-quarter report in August. Finance Minister Donna Harpauer joins Evan to discuss how our province has found itself in this…
28 Nov 2023 10AM 16 min

The Evan Bray Show - Erin Kinder - November 27th, 2023

A new trend is taking over when it comes to home decor… “recluttering,” also known as maximalism. Rather than getting rid of items in order to live a minimalist lifestyle, people are filling their homes with items that bring them joy. Evan is a huge collector, and so is our…
27 Nov 2023 1PM 35 min
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