Introducing: Off the Grid in SA

Introducing: Off The Grid in South Africa - A practical guide to shedding load-shedding
"Off the Grid in South Africa" is a practical guide for those looking to avoid load shedding and become energy self-sufficient. The podcast will share tips, tricks and insights on how to generate, store and use energy in an independent and sustainable way. From solar power and wind turbines to battery storage and backup generators, we'll cover all the options available for powering your home or business off the grid. We'll also talk to experts, suppliers, and homeowners who have already made the transition to energy self-sufficiency. Join us and take the first step towards energy independence. Instagram · Pinterest · Facebook · YouTube · Twitter · LinkedIn
28 Jul 2023 English Explicit South Africa True Crime · News

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Introducing the "So What?" Podcast

Introducing the "So What?" podcast If I say “Ruda Landman” I’m pretty sure that for most South Africans the Carte Blanche music and Sunday nights come to mind. For years, Ruda was, along with her colleagues at Carte Blanche, the source of hot topic reporting and important insights, and just…
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Introducing We Filmed a Zoo

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Episode 154 The Taljaard Family Tragedy

In November 1992, the Taljaard family were settling down for the night in their home in Vereeniging, but not everyone on the property was getting ready for bed. Two figures stood in the shadows, waiting for their chance, and they were about to permanently alter the course of countless lives…
5 May 46 min

Episode 153 The Murder of Sasha-Leigh Crook (Bonus Interview with Steven Keogh)

In 2003, 8-year-old Sasha-Leigh Crook disappeared from her grandparents' garden. Nine days later her body was discovered, and a suspect was arrested almost immediately. Although justice seemed to have been served, questions still linger as to whether more could have been done by authorities to possibly save the child's life…
28 Apr 1 hr 09 min

Episode 152 A Serial Killer Among Us

In 1992, sex workers began disappearing from the streets of Parow. By 1996 when a task team was assembled to investigate, 19 women had been murdered. Even after a likely suspect was identified, though, the case was far from solved. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon…
23 Apr 42 min