Introducing: Off the Grid in SA

Introducing: Off The Grid in South Africa - A practical guide to shedding load-shedding
"Off the Grid in South Africa" is a practical guide for those looking to avoid load shedding and become energy self-sufficient. The podcast will share tips, tricks and insights on how to generate, store and use energy in an independent and sustainable way. From solar power and wind turbines to battery storage and backup generators, we'll cover all the options available for powering your home or business off the grid. We'll also talk to experts, suppliers, and homeowners who have already made the transition to energy self-sufficiency. Join us and take the first step towards energy independence. Instagram · Pinterest · Facebook · YouTube · Twitter · LinkedIn
28 Jul English Explicit South Africa True Crime · News

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In the arid province of the Northern Cape, a canal brings irrigation opportunities to local communities. For all the life that runs through that water, though, an almost equal amount of death is present. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon (Support the show on PayPal…
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