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Need help deciding which podcast to listen to next?
Well, Welcome to the podcast where i say podcast... ALOT! and chat to some cool people along the way.
My journey of learning how to grow a great podcast while actually doing it.
Podcast reviews, Interviews and vibes.
This is A Potential Podcast with Tracy-Lee.
Occasionally English South Africa Personal Journals · Self-Improvement
18 Episodes

ep15 ... existential diaries pII

Loooook still going through it🥲, but I had a good day and decided to fight to keep my podcast going🥹, here are the things happening in my mess of a mind right now.🫠
11 Sep 2023 16 min

E13 review 10...psychology of your 20's and how to be a better human.

so this is the last instalment of the month...i have listened to a lot of pods telling me how to be better not only to others but most importantly to myself. this month has challenged me and made me ask myself some hard questions but most importantly give the even…
31 May 2023 26 min

review 9.... ted talks and learning how to think faster and talk smarter

another installment of #bebetter month! excited to be chatting on more pod episodes that inspired a better me, and will hopefully inspire you to, have more understanding when speaking to others, because it makes you better and try something new as that will help you grow. have a listen or…
22 May 2023 25 min

review 8...its freakonomic, the kinda stuff you should know

welcome to #bebetter month, this month i decided to go push myself to learn new things from pods that encourage it. in this episode i go from attachment theory to finding out what the story is with google. both these pods are chock full with stuff you should know...pun intended…
15 May 2023 20 min

review 7...30 minutes and some good words

Jesus pod month part 2, two more pods where inspiration was found and words shared that have honestly not only spoke to my heart, but also my soul. one is just a few minutes with wordsmiths i love and other is by a man who has sung inspiration to my…
29 Apr 2023 7 min

review 6...God's truths on the table

Jesus pod month! the first of 4 pods i love that "take me to the King"! this week is for the ladies , 6 black women who have inspired me and given me great insight into the faith walk and made me feel a little less alone if i am…
15 Apr 2023 8 min

review 5...lets watch with 2 idiots & some newcomers

watch - a - long pods. podcasts where you get to experience your favourite content through the eyes of other creators.this episodes contenders will having a great time - whether its watching your comfort movie or the show you love to make fun of, why not do it together?! This…
27 Mar 2023 6 min

review 4...swindled by a goddess

the scam-cast! we love abit of a crime podcast. this week I chose 2 such pods but about my personal favourite scams. we've got a super "serial" option for the thinkers and a funny take on the scam world. if you hate them say I scammed you into it 🤫…
6 Mar 2023 6 min

review 3...the battle of the brenés

brené brown is a big name in the self help space she has written books, given talks and podcasted some people to a better place in many spheres of their lives, it is only right that we give her shout out, also the episode suggestions slap so theres that, lol…
13 Feb 2023 12 min

review 2...if laughter is the best medicine...get this healin'

another review, for you, my few :) in this episode we get into 3 great comedic podcasts led by 6 great comedians. each of these podcasts has a pair of talented funny people, who not only make you laugh but in some cases, make you think as well. just listen…
23 Jan 2023 10 min

review 1...great minds have receipts

my first actual podcast review, in this episode i talk you through 2 podcasts that have both challenged me and made me think whether it be in bants or interesting ways of unpacking topics. i would definitely recommend having a listen to both of them. Episode suggestions in the links…
30 Dec 2022 8 min

i found love in the pods... reviews intro

i found love in the pods...my intro to the podcast reviews section of this podcast. the first podcast i ever listened to and the one that caught my heart and kept me coming back. two great shows worth a listen: The Gareth Cliff Show: https://open.spotify.com/show/6txvnODuMrRp1KhSm2JFIg?si=393daf275a314ada The Read: https://open.spotify.com/show/1YZW7v12Ty11OSJ2hoIXtG?si=273917d6d45c40d1"
28 Dec 2022 9 min

extro vs intro_the verts converse

my first interview! Luba a friend who is a self proclaimed introvert, joins me to do a quiz, just to check...lol, as well as chat about life experiences as our given labels. Link to "Are You an Extrovert or Introvert?" quiz: https://www.verywellmind.com/are-you-an-extrovert-or-introvert-3860037
21 Dec 2022 56 min

a potential intro

an introduction to the podcast and all its potential :)
15 Nov 2022 7 min