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Orellium Future Strategy

Based in London, with a global reach, Orellium Advisory Services offers pragmatic advice to professional firms, legal departments, and forward-looking companies. We ensure clarity of purpose and precision in practice.

Rob Otty, CEO, is a seasoned leader known for his direct, collaborative style. He was a former CEO of Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa, and subsequently Global COO and CFO of Norton Rose Fulbright. Since 2014, Rob has written and commented on the emerging opportunities and challenges of AI in the legal sector. He excels in managing global projects and portfolios, with expertise in technology integration and organizational design.

Jonathan Otty, Chief Strategy Officer, blends outcomes-based planning with creative flair. Transitioning from academia to professional services, he's committed to future-proofing the sector through innovation and unconventional thinking. Whether strategizing for business or scaling mountain peaks, Jonathan brings vibrant colour to the grey.

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08 Rebecca Price | Your People Matter - Now more than ever!

Employer Brand - is there a more important strategic imperative in 2024? In this episode Rebecca Price, strategy partner, co-founder and co-owner of Frank Bright & Abel, a creative communications consultancy, that specialises in B2B and works extensively across the legal sector, talks to co-hosts Rob Otty and Jonathan Otty…
1 May 49 min

07 Cognitive Dissonance | What Law Firms battle to Change.

Cognitive Dissonance, Hubris, Scepticism and other blockers to change. Join us as we explore the concept of cognitive dissonance within the legal industry, where firms recognise the need for change but remain rooted in traditional practices and the billable hour model. We discuss the tension between understanding the need to…
22 Apr 42 min

06 Rebecca Price | Make your Brand count. And Why it Does.

Now, more than ever, Brand is essential to law firms and PSFs. Now more than ever, a brand that resonates with your clients and your people is crucial to your success as a law firm. Our guest, Rebecca Price is strategy partner, co-founder and co-owner of Frank Bright & Abel…
5 Apr 40 min

05 Louanne Buckley | Business-minded marketing. The value of a strategic CMO.

A business-minded, strategic CMO is a must for professional service firms How to modernise your approach to clients and ensure that you remain relevant. A must listen for all law firm, professional service partners, CMOs and everyone interested in professional service marketing and positioning. Partners - empower your skilled non-lawyer…
25 Mar 40 min

04 Peter Martyr | Leadership Unveiled: Navigating Change and Cultivating Respect

Leadership, clients, culture and more with Peter Martyr, NED Koch Holdings. In this enlightening episode, Peter Martyr, a seasoned leader with a rich history in both law and corporate governance, sits down with Rob Otty to dissect the nuances of leadership in an ever-evolving business landscape. From the world of…
15 Mar 49 min

03 Is the Billable Hour dead?

After generations, has the Billable Hour finally met its match? In this episode we discuss one of the most debated topics in the Professional Service Sector - the Billable Hour. For generations, the Billable Hour has dictated and underpinned the PSF commercial model. No element of the commercial model has…
4 Mar 34 min

02 Disrupt. Before being Disrupted

In this episode, Jonathan and Robert discuss the implications of generative AI and emerging technologies on the legal sector. They explore the need for strategic considerations and the potential for asymmetric disruption. The conversation then shifts to the threats posed to traditional law firm partnership models and the necessity for…
20 Feb 33 min

01 AI and LLMs - key inflection points

Today we focus on discussing how generative AI and large language models (LLMs) represent a key inflection point requiring transformation of legal and professional services firms. We analyse drivers, obstacles, and ethical implications around technology adoption. And discuss researching evidence, examining client impacts, evaluating bespoke vs out-of-box LLMs, and shifting…
17 Feb 31 min