Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard

Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard

To be understood, you must first Be Heard.

Our vision is to be the Podcast and Audiobook Partner of choice and our mission is to help people #BeHeard through quality, creative Spoken Word production.

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Carrie's Connoisseurs

I'm Carrie Adams, welcome to Carrie's Connoisseurs. Here we talk to the movers and shakers, the drinkers, the dreamers, the people who make it happen in the liquor and luxury industries around the world. So let's get sipping!
16 Aug 242 episodes English Leisure · Food

The Carmen Murray Show - Conscious Conversations

There is no doubt that the business sector wields plenty of power; power that can shape the world. And if applied with a conscience, positively impact all spheres of civilisation. In Conscious Conversations, host Carmen Murray chats with a fascinating array of industry leaders and pioneers to explore how doing…
16 Aug 107 episodes English Explicit Marketing

AECI Plant Health

Conversations that help you unlock nature's potential. AECI Plant Health is a South African company within the AECI Group of Companies serving the agricultural sector with pride. AECI Plant Health has been an ally to farmers in Africa for many years, and with the move towards sustainable agriculture, AECI Plant…
15 Aug 25 episodes English Business · Education

The Best Kept Secret Podcast - TBKS

The Best Kept Secret”, also known as “TBKS Podcast", is a music based podcast focusing on very in-depth album reviews and analysis. In addition, the podcast also produces interviews featuring some of the best artists we have access to as well as blog content documenting the scene.
10 Aug 121 episodes English Music · Music Interviews

Shotgun Story

Welcome to Shotgun Story The podcast that has conversations with Indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all, so that you may be inspired by the journeys of other artists who are doing it for themselves and maybe gain a little more understanding as to why it…
8 Aug 55 episodes English Explicit Music Interviews · Performing Arts

The Hidden Lives of Writers

How and why writers write. Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel are working writers - and their favourite people are writers. Join them as they dive deep into HOW and WHY successful writers write. Mail us at
7 Aug 12 episodes English Books · Arts

From the Hip with Benjy Mudie

Music industry veteran Benjy Mudie does a deep dive into what makes the music world tick. From interviews with leading artists, songwriters, publishers, radio DJs, label insiders, and producers, to stories from nearly 50 years in music. Sometimes funny, and often irreverent and controversial. He'll take you inside the backrooms…
6 Aug 3 episodes English Music · Society & Culture

The Crucible - Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM)

Welcome to The Crucible, where the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy gives you a front row seat to conversations with specialists in the Minerals and Metals sector. SAIMM has well over 100 years’ experience in, and commitment to, protecting the professional standards of our industry. Join us as…
4 Aug 3 episodes English Business · Business News

GE Vital Voices

Conversations for an essential Public Healthcare sector. GE knows the Public Healthcare Sector is vital to the survival of millions of people. But what is vital to theirs? This is the urgent question underpinning GE Vital Voices - a series of podcasts that aims to give a voice and platform…
2 Aug 10 episodes English Health & Fitness · Personal Journals

Being You with Lisa Raleigh and Stafford Masie

Demystifying YOUR wellness. Your definitive guide to cutting through the clutter of health, fitness, & wellness jargon. Co-hosts Lisa & Stafford (who are married) bring an engaging, informal touch to essential topics, transforming complex concepts into easily digestible, actionable knowledge. Our purpose? To empower you with the understanding you need…
31 Jul 2 episodes English Health & Fitness · Society & Culture

Oncology Buddies

Your platform for cancer care. Oncology Buddies informs and inspires all those who have or are affected by cancer. Oncology Buddies is committed to working with all stakeholders to find solutions aimed at improving the quality, lifestyle, satisfaction, enjoyment and activities of people affected by cancer. Mail us at…
1 Aug 50 episodes English Health & Fitness

Buddies For Life

The lifestyle platform for breast cancer survivors. Buddies For Life informs and inspires all those who have or are affected by breast cancer or other cancers. Buddies For Life is committed to working with all stakeholders to find solutions aimed at improving the quality, lifestyle, satisfaction, enjoyment and activities of…
1 Aug 47 episodes English Health & Fitness

Just Us and the Climate - Climate Justice Coalition

Welcome to Just Us and the Climate – a podcast by South Africa’s Climate Justice Coalition. Join us as we bring climate change back down to earth and show how it’s not only a crisis, but an opportunity to build a better, more just world.
25 Jul 20 episodes English Society & Culture · Non-Profit

The Reading Room

Can we entice you into our Reading Room? This is the place for lovers of language and literature, those of us who believe that reading is essential, as we seek to rise above the ordinary. another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard
25 Jul 28 episodes English Books

Legal Trailblazers

Join Thuto Radebe as he delves into the legal profession to have conversations with Black South Africans who have made extraordinary contributions to their county.
20 Jul 8 episodes English History · Personal Journals

In with the Outsiders

Carmen Murray is a formidable force and visionary thinker who can unlock your inner Øutsider. It's time to get off the couch and into the arena, disrupt the thinking, and get real in this chaotic world. Be the catalyst for change and question everything. What makes Øutsiders powerful is their…
18 Jul 10 episodes English Society & Culture

Epokothweni with Babalwa Nonkenge

Accessible conversations about financial stewardship in IsiXhosa. Sincokola ngokuphathwa kakuhle kwemali ngendlela efikelelekayo ngolwimi lwesixhosa. Accessible conversations, co-creation and learning personal financial stewardship in Isixhosa
18 Jul 68 episodes Xhosa Business · Investing

Audiobook Narrators from Vox - find your voice #BeHeard

Are you looking for the perfect voice to narrate your next Audiobook? Your search is over! Our selection of voices deliver professional readings for every kind of book you can imagine. To be understood, you must first be heard. another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard
17 Jul 24 episodes English Books · Performing Arts

Aprio Voice

Delivering considered, contextual strategic communications advice. The Aprio team is a group of skilled, experienced and highly-regarded communications specialists and our strategically-minded team of experts allows us to deliver and implement strategies in key business areas such as investor relations, crisis and issue communications, digital strategy and content creation, and…
11 Jul 13 episodes English Business
1 – 20