The wisdom of God #15

Mashadi Mathosa continuing with the discussion on the wisdom of God. In Philippians 3:1-8, the wisdom of God is highlighted as He chooses what the world considers foolish to shame the wise. This includes the weak, the lowly, and the despised, as well as things that are not, to nullify those that are. The passage emphasizes boasting in Jesus Christ and placing no confidence in worldly pursuits or achievements.
15 Mar 7AM Zulu South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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The wisdom of God #20

Mashadi Mathosa continues teaching in the series of wisdom of God. When we are filled with the spirit of God, you judge all things; you have wisdom to know what to do/ what to say in situations.
29 Apr 7AM 15 min

A clean heart

Dr Zeblon Mavunda preaches about a clean heart. Psalm 51 : 10 -12 This pslam is like a prayer to ask God to Restore the joy of my salvation.
29 Apr 5AM 14 min

The wisdom of God #19

Mashadi Mathosa is wrapping up the discussion on God's wisdom, highlighting its hidden nature. God's wisdom is revealed in choosing the weak to shame the strong, the foolish to shame the wise, and the things that are not to nullify the things that are. This echoes Isaiah 53, depicting how…
16 Apr 9AM 15 min

Waiting on the Hope

Dr Zeblon Mabunda talks about ku rindza ekutshembeni - waiting on the hope. Titus 2 : 11 - 13
11 Apr 4AM 14 min

The higher life #6

Pastor Kenny Mokoena continues with the topic about the higher life, life in Christ Jesus. Matthew 10 : 38 - 39 When you live for yourself (life in the flesh), that is the lower life. He is encouraging us that there is life beyond our physical being, beyond the things…
22 Apr 4AM 15 min